Black Poetry : Look my flow doomed without elbow room to move about Corrupt with nouns and grow up from the ground

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    Look my flow doomed without elbow room to move about
    Corrupt with nouns and grow up from the ground no doubt
    Like crops get all type of props for being poetical and flout
    My dew rag like it’s a new flag on this VALENTINE DAY
    Have to Rhyme to say stuff so I have to play rough it weigh
    Enough to get a pound of funk from this renown junk so hey
    I lay it down thick so crown me quick like KING TUT my bling
    Cut smooth, wish and dream catch fish in streams do my thing
    As brisk steam come from my forehead, adore red but jest play
    It off, flaws and fame cause my brain to throw rhymes and sway
    And go fine for HIPHOP when I rip shop like a chainsaw wow
    This stuff is plain raw like Cole slaw, look my groove strong now
    As I move along somehow into a cave my menu is brave just had
    A raw affair but I swear I saw a bear up in here he had claws and mad
    Paws grizzly as heck, I rather be home with the champagne or riding
    In my chrome with a dame thought I was strong so I came here now hiding
    That bear is no joke or fake I hope to escape this heard him growl
    While a wolf howls this cave not my style can even hear dogs prowl
    I’m trapped perhaps have no map getting zap by fright and may
    Have pissed in my pants this cave is no kiss of romance must say
    This cave caught me unaware I thought I could share my survival
    Techniques with the wildlife but now my style is to knife this tribal
    Attitude I’m faking which has led to a rude awakening in the hollow
    Cave I guess not good to follow the brave so scared can’t even swallow
    a fat bat just flew by my head could be a vampire now a **** fire in
    my brain when on my bike with brave riders but these cave spiders win
    because these things bite even though my bling is bright terrible trend