Black Poetry : look I'm boss in the hood but got lost in the woods now in town and somehow found friends, didn't re


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May 11, 2006
look I'm boss in the hood
but got lost in the woods
now in town
and somehow found
friends, didn't recognize folks
so I used some wise quotes
to survive, look my rhymes deft
but I find self
inclined to agree with society
there be a variety
of faults in the world
want pie and thunder in the car
can't let this fly under the radar
look females are cuties
so I got details and duties
along with other thoughts
so strong butter is caught
on breadcrumbs
and their lips are red fun
this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH
see a brown Soul Sister wanna reach
for her love right here at TAYLOR DO IT
and now on the ground is brake fluid
and I'm convince the air
is clean want a lovely affair
with a queen girl let down your hair
NAW PLAYER you wanna arouse my cake
and make me your housemate
jest because I got cake to smash
I may need to take out the trash
with these kinds of raps will whiplash
my mind you can see got hips and class
so I strut in a mini-skirt
got plenty butt to twerk
and of course my breasts poking
and my dress half open
if I don't button up
then all of a sudden their sucked
tried to leave the place
but he squeezed my waist
and really wanna tease my lace
oh a brown Soul Sister go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH but who
shot ROGER RABBIT? Win with true
computers and like the INTRUDERS
“I'll Always Love my Mama” disputers
can't argue this point, even them looters
know this is true,
may as well kiss you
and be happy, got pies to see
like 2PAC
type of true art
so look let me eat a phat Hershey
I'm at your mercy
so do as you will
oh a brown Soul Sister
go through a lot blister
love letter received
in VIRGINIA BEACH you best believe
so hot and wet
but not a threat
so you had a rude plan no doubt
but the food ran out
and now you hungry for love
it can get lonely at the club
and my panties are hot and pure
but I'm not sure
how wet they are
you wanna play in the car
remember kissing and trap
just listening to crap
only thing missing is a map
oh I was jest lost
he wanted my dress off
I guess because my breasts soft
I was at HARDEE in a mini-skirt
in VIRGINIA BEACH plenty alert
no doubt my lace
felt out of place
maybe here by mistake
it crazy one boy want pie and cake
then try take
me on a date”
OK my stats strong
and I can't chat for long
boys be on my doormat at home
LOOK BOO you got a hot body
and it's time for a block party
so I'm in shock oh lotty dotty
my car in a parking space
I bet you have on wet sparkling lace
panties gonna jump out at me
I use wise words
to explain in organize suburbs
now it's 77 and 2/3
of the world populace
running around in a hot chase
for knowledge, so look girl
you been to college shook the world
so your breasts are fine
and right now I'm pressed for time
and I usually drink the best wine
wear bling and welcome queens
things are seldom what they seem
wow it's been an act
while in fact
I'm in desperate need of a chick
so I meditate and proceed quick
to the club with love talk slick
to find one
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May 11, 2006
to find one, lit a smoke flick my bic
look concentrated on a book
now devastated and shook
as each page
teach me rage
now try carry
this back to the library
now I'm here to wreck a nation
because their rhymes didn't meet expectation
so boo what law this come under
I think the name is raw thunder
“for sex you make a phat call”
but nope I won't give it up at all
“so boo what you wanna do?”
“Naw player what you gonna do”
“well I'm gonna throw you in my coupe
cruise smooth and go shoop
like SALT-N-PEPPA so girl throw
throw your panties to the sky
gonna get some candies and pie
don't try to leave so I'm that guy
that can satisfy that phat pie”


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May 11, 2006
that can satisfy that phat pie”
NAW PLAYER I'm chilling close my thighs
you buy a rose I'm willing to compromise
I fell for the powers
of the smell of flowers
I got sweet breasts
and now we meet in the flesh
one of the streets best
well I'm hot
and shell-shocked
you smell a lot
of my absurd perfume
your words try bloom
as one heck of a fly guy
but check this gonna watch sci-fie
movies doe “The Day the Earth Stood Still”
have love never a weak dose go to the goodwill
store and buy stockings loose
because they be blocking the juice
down there for real so no excuse
to duck every boy that's really hard to do
oh down there wet galore
and haven't we met before?”
“No I don't think so
but I bet your wet thing pink doe”
OK PLAYER you wanna kiss get pie crust and butter
and we gonna try and discuss this further


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May 11, 2006
and we gonna try and discuss this further
wear lace classy from the south
now got a nasty taste in my mouth
crazy to let you wet it
and maybe I'll regret it
but I hope not
I'm in a dope spot
you want my cantaloupe or not
you could be hot today
but you would not say
it may not be good to stay
here, kisses getting wetter
and now sweating forever”
“LOOK BOO got pride like URKEL
and can divide a circle
into three equal parts
everything legal after dark”
SHE SAID: I got all type of stats
so how do you like that?
And my thing remain pink somehow
so on the real what you think of me now?
Eat green eggs an ham at home
and talk on my SAMSUNG phone

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