Black Poetry : look I make a sandwich and take advantage of lunch

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    look I make a sandwich and take advantage of lunch
    meat and drink punch because it's sweet got a hunch
    some girls gonna be over so I drink up and leave crumbs
    wanna receive some kisses right here in the cafeteria
    no doubt legit to outwit a chick and git a quick superior
    yes on a date hot juice but not to seduce car interior
    nice, I thirst to anoint but must make my first point
    here in Walmart it's all spark on the LYNNHAVEN joint
    and PRINCESS ANNE there's been stress in my plan
    but if I hold her hand my goal will expand got a tan
    shirt and can understand her flirt a man have to be alert
    her name probably Tina built like SERENA dang I wanna
    play lawn tennis now my thinking beyond a menace gonna
    ask her on a date, she can host pies and both sides
    can score and I can plan more this is growth in pride
    live surprise as this give rise to love talk just can't hide
    flow quotes as this promotes love in her ear as she begin
    to hear jingle bell she probably single oh well a girlfriend
    is right down my alley she's a brown MUSTANG SALLY
    wanna be her boyfriend wit benefits this could end wit
    us both in love forever get in the drop go to the club or
    whatever but luck can sever our hopes a thug at a bar
    could face double chase trouble wanna taste her bubble-
    gum, she should give me some, so hot she got drops
    of wet on the bed, eyes gleam pies steam her boyfriend not
    aware that she's hot down there juice around everywhere
    I bet he be craving for soup when she in a bathing suit share
    her beauty with others a cutie with butters right here in Walmart
    I may have street luck her butt a sweet cut wow I got to start
    to speak up

    SO LOOK BOO we can marry in peace after a salary increase
    a great host with cake and toast and I make the most peace
    at a wedding, be phat getting love then heading to the club
    wear a nice sweater want my advice to be better need a hug
    doe, got a thug flow I wear godly bling and like RODNEY KING
    can we jest get along let me take your breasts home, cling
    to an affair give you a ring feel your hair then doorbell ding
    success or failure could bring breast and paranalia but I bling
    and try to sing I guy cling to microphones plan for survival
    I’m an arrival to the love game could be tribal a thug liable
    With fame, cool with a thirst and water rule the earth go to
    School get a burst of knowledge, worse garbage is overdue
    A winner of pies on the ENTERPRISE rapping alert like CAPTAIN
    KIRK slapping jerks out their shoes, aware of the blues mapping
    Locations with navigation as sleep and depridation slows the process
    While the wind blows on your breasts boo you go with finesse
    There be haters at theatres hiding behind the movies oh yes
    My wrist with a ROLEX girl you know sex let me go flex muscle
    In my t-shirt best be alert in case your boyfriend cum wanna tussle
    Girl your breast true then express view as the best thing to do
    Live nice give advice exist for purpose a kiss is no circus boo
    Fed fools after I went to med school and that is something to shout about
    no doubt you stout like a plum so the outcome is catch a trout
    Or a mermaid hook a fish boo I’ll be shook from your kiss so what
    You say boo? It’s gonna be a dejavoo like ERICA BADOO sweet butt
    NAW PLAYER “you wanna have my cake yell sweet boo and eat it too
    What’s a girl to do when boys wanna sniff and gonna lift my blue dress
    and do a true test on a girl’s body, so common place a girl is a bless
    phenomenon in lace and the world love her knowing winters body
    Hot like glowing cinders, I’ll call on you when my love falls due, party
    Because it’s all paid up and afraid of luck because my panties still wet
    Go from one place to another with lace and butter chase no other yet
    Eat legit chow and admit and allow protein to flow clean in my blood
    Sytem love the rhythm of my heartbeat when I start to eat at the club
    Boys show me love, so your style is bling try to do the wild thing like
    TONE-LOC just to stay strong on the block at home shock of all type
    My hormones be hot and right, you to the point of sickness wanna
    Anoint and lick this and think I should give you a quick kiss gonna
    Escape your grip got cake and equip but you wanna make a trip
    Down town but I won’t be around my eyes are round pies flipped
    And brown, this whole thing been silly because you have the inability
    To rap straight therefore you can’t trap cake and breasts have agility
    So if I go ride gonna have to show pride, just another act where my butter attracts can’t discover the exact ingredients but it’s expedient with boys for some reason no matter the season shatter like treason can ask BENEDICT ARNOLD. Eat tuna first in this universe then thirst to catch a mermaid or catfish, a double kiss sincere make troubles disappear, a boy itch for cake which state he’s hot and horny not corny
    I hope my lace don’t smoke up the place Walmart will be mad yall
    I’m brown down town and any boy hound will be at my chocolate because I’m a soul girl in a bold world of make believe and my cake getting squeezed a lot oh please stop oh gosh you want some bad
    Can’t replace my lace no silk and my great milk is deft you sweaty from rapping and some stuff already happened like my panties are too wet and what even more bizaare ready to open the door to your car and end up at the store or bar, know my panties are lickable and inexplicable and that give concern I just live and learn, but at any rate got plenty cake far as boys many take a slice, well I guess I got breasts and fine in conclusion but time is an illusion without a rolex go text them and buy one, WELL I remember I was at the other Walmart
    On MILITARY HIGHWAY in NORFOLK in a mini-skirt tall and smart
    Got cakes for a guy but the stakes are high the episode plays in those
    Days like HARRISON FORD I’m onboard with CHUBACA case close
    Juice in my lace flows not a JET EYE but I got hot wet pie a boy’s rose
    Can set it off and get me lost in my thought, kisses are hurry up
    Features and hood rats are furry creatures and some worry about luck
    Lace and lips my slang fly and like spaceships words hang in the sky
    But dang a guy want sex on the spot and my body stay next to hot try
    Escape with cake but sometimes too late no true tape for a sticky
    Situation after the tongue kiss a girl be on a sprung list that’s tricky
    boys with hot quotes make a lot of folks mad I’m in a glad groove
    but this could be a bad move waiting for a boy to cum rap smooth
    don’t know which the largest a rich harvest or when a boy switch to
    artist, from feast cums peace, dumb don’t cease to itch for this boo
    the smell of my perfume spread always room in bed these the tunes
    fed to a boy’s head guess that’s good enough for hood stuff balloons
    float in air as boys hope for a love affair wanna rub my hair doomed
    for sex, jbest stay clear my body on display here boys jest looking
    got bed sheets stay ahead of the fleet lips red heat body cooking
    my menu right on into the night have to duck my head or get stuck
    in bed after a cup of red wine what kind of deadline is this? So I’m up
    and away like UNDERDOG, this is a close choice and like ROSE ROYCE
    “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” I stunt here with desires use my voice
    In frontiers and empires now I’m here at the NORFOLK WAL-MART
    shop until I drop try be like SKYY just “call me” and we can start
    A conversation, intensive and bizaare expensive by far must depart
    Before a boy cum to enjoy some and wanna toy with my plum, heart
    To heart conversation tells it all HUMPTY DUMPTY fell off the wall
    He was an extreme egg but between my legs the cream pies lies yall
    NOW THIS BOY shows up out of the blue and says” “shouts out to you
    boo, I’m an artist from the past and you the smartest in your class boo
    I’m in search for a missing girl right now you twisting my world that’s
    My car with the hubcaps lets go listen to some thug rap girl you phat
    Like a queen, want puffy tissues to appear got stuffy issues in here
    No type of threat jest wipe the sweat off your forehead my dear
    Its clear that your body is hot and you party a lot I sip barcardi
    And can’t stop,share my mind words get there in time and smarty
    Haters left behind being deft no crime got more beef than HARDEE’S
    my verbs extreme don’t know what every word mean even the birds
    seem to fly by way of the sky and girls display pie and body curves
    boo you flirt smart because your body is a work of art so when
    will the twerk start?, quick about to say you can make bricks out
    of clay but some dumbs cum say no way I go pray and shout
    have a habit my menu is cake cum to your house make fabrics
    into drapes then close the curtain and a rose is certain, rabbits
    hop and I’m in the medicine cabinet a lot looking for pills girl
    now we her at WAL-MART and this is where it start thrill worlds
    with love talk completely nurture the virtue of sex from as standpoint
    plan to anoint the idea with kisses feel me boo? Look for girls that
    shook my work phoned at home and my stats are shown to be phat
    girl you strut fast and your butt smash my eyeballs ready to try all
    just to to git wit you and suck a tit or two be my legit boo just call
    me, disaster as a VIP but after PT shower at school but use a power
    tool to adjust my flow,must go to class duck haters my words tower
    the course of history forced a mystery now here in WAL-MART sweaty
    and ready to fall in love and call the club for a reservation and confetti
    will be thrown your name BETTY BOO well known, attitude strange
    suffer from a mood change, buy cornflakes and use food to rearrange
    my health boo your body boss and legit ready for crossfit so you wet
    let me sniff cake and lift weight your gift make me strong don’t forget
    we belong together.” NAW PLAYER I got lace and hips enough to place
    a ship on an ocean of emotion, lotions for my legs, potions to taste
    in a keg, it all start here at NORFOLK WAL-MART you see a girl you
    prefer now out of your mind, love occur without design no clear view
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    Got a clever crew but never knew that nice rhymes could be
    advice to minds like journalism, the concern about wisdom see
    a different story and the magnificent glory of writing a piece
    while fighting the beast of hatred while wearing a lamb's fleece
    release the Matrix wishing and learn while listening to Lawrence
    Fishburne, this is the type of post that like toast butter scatter
    to another matter and shatter bread crumbs so really a batter
    up like baseball to hit homeruns keep my car on chrome dun
    looking at the wrong gone and of course it's a fact under the sun
    when you black the thunder come and fall on your back burden
    heavy and hurting everyone of color but we shall overcome
    so dawg pass the rum being an outcast is a bum but got my thumbs up doe