Black Poetry : Look his luck is graphic got stuck in traffic after he picked a chick up but need some quick luck to


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May 11, 2006
Look his luck is graphic
got stuck in traffic
after he picked a chick up
but need some quick luck
to get some, arrived late
at the party music was great
he can use it to get wet cake
DJ scratch the mix and dispatch
some sick sound, in this world
saw a raw phat PUERTO RICIAN girl
arrived at Walmart on the stroke of 9
and hope to find a chick, nope not this time
he wanted to drink red wine
ahead of time misled from time to time
PUERTO RICIAN girl at home sweaty and hot
and really her doors already lock
boys come knock she be in shock
never open, they may try knock
the boots jump on top and go cahoots”
SHE SAID: next week
sex will make her freak
I think he want pie and wine
and by that time
she'll be gone home
he has boss facts
but they off the track
like cars with flat tires
and he have bizarre fat desires
boys be up to bat like umpires
calling games and balling for fame
now this is Black HIPHOP that came
to VIRGINIA BEACH so don't blame
the game, this rap is sick and
like chap stick it's in demand
look you need a smart flow
to start the show
my words fly like they part crow
my panties are wet enough
but you don't get to huff and puff
and go crazy on it
and get all the gravy doggone it
oh a PUERTO RICIAN go through a lot
here in VIRGINIA BEACH boys in hot
pursuit out to stop a cute and throw
her in bed while her lips jest glow red
have to be alert
when they see me twerk
see my mini-skirt and go berserk
guess a girl can't toy when
she have a boyfriend
she left him he lost his mind
throwing things around asinine
junk I remember one time
I was in extreme weather
wearing a green leather
butt doing plenty work
a boy saw that
as a raw stat
by sex law it's phat
look boo you got cake I'm in love
so gone let me take you to the club
oh no you may try for pie
one guy had me so hat I try
leave but he squeezed my waist
and beg me please for my lace
oh he wanna tease and chase
my body like cat and mouse
and believe me wet stats at my house


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May 11, 2006
and believe me wet stats at my house
I'm a bagel and sweet
and you unable to speak
fell in love with my unique
PUERTO RICIAN body a leak
in my panties oh boys seek
sex, all in my Rolodex street
tamed to keep aim its sweet meat
oh gosh I'm so hot down there
juice all around everywhere
PUERTO RICIAN girls go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH boys do
reach for the panties this is true
in KROGER kissed a boy a little while ago
bought Folgers and my style is to flow
got a whole mile to go
before I escape this
he wanted cake and a kiss
he was from the street with class
and out front KROGER selling cheap gas
my breasts in silk they bounce
and this boy want milk every ounce
my body so built and pronounced
I'm shook to deft galore
and to the left a book store
my phat aim is to rhyme but at the same time
not fall in love with him
he's hot tall above the rim
nothing much changed
his touch so strange
as he grabbed my waist
just to have at my lace
his vocab had taste
Providence Road hurl out-front
this boy in KROGERS doing a girl hunt”
“SO LOOK BOO my car parked in the lot
this could be the start of a hot
affair, so my aim is not to jive
but plot to remain alive
while I dive between your thighs
into the cream pies
and girl you got dream eyes
and skies the limit
while I tries to get up in it”
“ NAW player wait a minute


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May 11, 2006
look I'm boss in the hood
but got lost in the woods
now in town

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