Black Poetry : Look he's charming cake at an alarming rate have sex use local tissues which lead to social issues wow this boy's thing increase in size and now he w


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May 11, 2006
Look he's charming cake
at an alarming rate
have sex use local tissues
which lead to social issues
wow this boy's thing increase in size
and now he wanna feast her pies
got nickels and dime loose change
eat pickles on line her juice strange
body get sweaty fast
party with petty cash
her breasts poking
dress half open
she's a Philippine chick
and will cream quick
a freshman in high school
she play by the rule
having pie is cool
oh FILLIPINO girls go
through a lot
her mini-skirt is blue poco dot
right here in VIRGINIA BEACH
sweet lace galore
seat face the door
pulled down her skirt
walked around and flirt
while in town alert
boys wanna collect pie and cake
but can't specify a date
oh her coo-chee is so hot
and juicy a lot, stuff don't stop
so wow this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH try shop
until you drop then DU-WOP
like LAUREN HILL true or not
used some true rap
and drew a map
after a crew got trapped
got a cart and horses
start to make dark choices
saddle with fact
just to battle the whack
haters that exist maniacs
her hips are soft
he wanna rip her panties off
oh Philippine girls get lost
in their emotions
must be aware of oceans
down there
around in their underwear


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May 11, 2006
down there
around in their underwear
he wanna listen to boss tunes
while his ride spit exhaust fumes
in a cloud of dust
folks be proud of us
CD make a loud fuss
we turn up, got sweet breasts
but can't cheat on test
jest to gain an advantage
could do brain damage
destroy reputation is caught
so she go to the teacher and talk
abut boyfriends and stuff and walk
softly and carry a big stick teacher chalk
the board,
these pretty boy floyds she duck
really avoid them by luck
she couldn't find a pretty boy Floyd
in the textbook, so her mind got toyed
with, scripts galore
and drips on the floor
from my breasts
not from under my dress
no flaw in her lyrical
jest all raw material


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May 11, 2006
Have plans in the community
and now got an opportunity
to obtain advance degrees
and someday romance these
chicks, aging is a continuous process
cause amazing and strenuous stress
really boys be stupendous at her breasts
look he juggle his affair
then struggle for air
road traffic choked the highway
code graphic wanna stroke some pie today
see a brown Soul Sista that's out of reach
get peace from rapping
and love cease to happen
“LOOK BOO its a strange race
which could lead to a change of pace
and in bed it could rearrange lace
and leave a girl naked wanna just taste
the love, correct rhythm
with a mechanism
called a piano
while its all in soprano
this is plain hot luck
and his drain is stopped up
have to duck the sink
need a coffee cup to think
girl your pies and breasts
could be a prize in a contest
“NAW PLAYER he don't get credit lyrical
treated like synthetic material
have to have an energetic miracle
to awaken folks
making quotes
not enough
so stop don't puff
wait to exhale
got cake and sex prevail
your drastic plots
are like plastic pots
wanna dominate cutes
and accommodate roots

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