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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief elder Osiris

Now beloved, do you see why I have taken the position about Obama that I have been sharing with you, did you not know why I made the statement about Obama and his run for the presidency, never was my position regarding Obama was personal, it just that for my seventy years of travel around Ra, I did learn a little something about the people that robbed me of my Divine Mind and that they are Hypocritical untrustworthy Lying, Deceiving vicious People, they that Hate and do not have any respect for Black People and I am not making these adjectives up about these people, Hell, their History in reference to us Black People speak for itself, and you black People can deny the accuracy of experience if you Want to, and to do that, mean that you do not desire to Think.

How can any Black Person worth their Melanin, sit back and say and do nothing about the way they are disrespecting not just Obama but more so the entire Black Nation, and if we do not See what is happening to Obama and his Run for the Presidency, then we all are just the way we behave in the presence of White folks, a Fool.

Even when I know what was to happen to Obama, I desired that he would survive and that desire hinged on the fact he carried a most recent Seed of the Oppressors and yet and still the saying hold True, which is, if we carry just a drop of the Divine Black Blood, then that aggressive strain nullify what else other we carry and you know what Beloved, White Folks know that better than the so call Afrikan American Human Beings do.

These people are treating Obama just as they have treated us from the Time they first laid eyes on us and that is without respect, and with an attitude and behavior that is very deceptive when Black People are in Want to be accepted by White Folks, so what the Racist Unjustified Prejudice White Folks do, well they do just as you are witnessing them to do to Obama, make him do things that make him appear to be undeserving to be considered a Black Man.

Well I Know, you say, well Chief Elder Osiris, Obama has to play the game, that is if he wants to be, not the President, but just to be considered for that Office of Deception, and I say that there is no price the devil can offer me that will cause me to forsaken my Divine Black Mind and that is exactly what Obama has to do, and it seems as if he will do just that, so I ask you Black people, is Obama what you been waiting for, for over Four Hundred Years in America, if so, then you did not need to wait that long, while the likes of an Armstrong Williams, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of those Blind Afrikan Americans Traitors to the Black Race is in your presence way before Obama, because these white Folks are cutting to the White Core of Obama, letting him know that he has to disassociate himself from anything that resemble our Blackness, which mean, having a Mind that speak the Truth about the History of Black-White relationship in America, Afrika, and the world in general.

Black People, my question to you is, why do you want Obama to become President of America, No! Why!, is it about our misapplied pride, is it because you want to have bragging rights , is it that it will heighten your emotions, is it that it will continue the cultivation of Belief, Faith, Hope in America, principles of uncertainties, the back bone of fantasized illusion, upon which the Afrikan American rest our Life upon.

Here I am as angry and displeased as can be at the way they are jerking this young Black Man around, as I observe the little sly smirks on those Commentators Face, knowing that they have maneuvered Obama in a position that now have the staunch Prejudice Wing of America holding Obama in clear view, it is as if a wake up call has gone out to Prejudice White America, alarming them to wake up before this strange Olive Brown Man find himself walking into that WHITE HOUSE.

I have said it once, along with many Times, America will not elect a Genuine Black Person to become President of these so call United States Of America and should Obama, the Afrikan American is selected to be President, he will not be permitted to bring to you Black People the Change that we, not Want, but Need, and you frown at me because I share with you what you do not want to hear, which is the Divine Truth about White folks America and about Obama, whom I love Dearly, just as I do of all Black People, yet I despise the Spirit ( attitudinal Behavior ) that Many of us Black people Project today.

Beloved, are you paying attention to the caliber of Afrikan Americans the News Media is parading before you to comment on the things they have contrived to be revealed regarding Obama, do you really see what they are doing to this young Man and to us Black people, they are telling Black People that if you want to play with them in the political game and the stake is for the most prestige's and powerful position in the World, then you must stand the test that will be placed before you, which is to show and prove to whom do you pledge your Mind to.

The issue of Race is on the front and Center, and there are no Black Folks to be Founded.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation


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