Black Poetry : Lonely

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
What happens to the dreamer
When people seem scarce?

What happens to the blessed at heart
When no one cares,what you're thinking of
When you don't matter at all?

What happens to the ones
Destiny calling them
And that ounce of faith
That would set them off in motion
Is desolate?

What a tragedy
To go through life alone

Although I feel this is the beginning
I need somebody that is free and strong

Who isn't trying to please a crowd
But to be an individual and think for ones self

Where do I go from here?
My heart is filled with so much fear

My tenderness
Is melting away

My faithfullness
Is drowning in passions
Too deep

My mind won't allow me to think
Correctly from the start

I begin to wonder
And think to much

I drift away
On a lonely island

Where nobody knows my name or shares my heart
So what happens to the lonely ones?

I just want to be held,

At first I couldn't wait to get out of your grasp
Now I can't wait
To be recieved by someone else

Do you just give up
When things are looking glooming and sad

Do you just throw in the towel
And stop pursing your dreams
To be overwhelmed in so much desire and need

Who can you run to?
When everybody is already
Latched and clinging to eachother

All souls have a soulmate

And whom you think
Are your fate
Disguise themselves in the laughter

And turn around and break your self asteem

My shouts come screaming like the thunder
Rolling in
And tumbling like an avalanche

In sadness

And always looking over my shoulder
Another day comes and goes
Who can I run to?
When I have no one to run to?
I'm so confused and tired

Desert Storm

I ain't got no true friends.In the words of my older cousin "I don't need a man I need some friends" That's were I'm coming from. The dudes are coo,but I need some sistah friends,some things you can only share wit another female and I don't have any reliable friends who I can talk who are thinking about the same things I'm thinking about or who understands me. That's all,it don't do no good to have dude friends but you don't have no girl friends to back you up or have your back. Outside of school,who's on yo level so to speak,who is being there for you. I'm not saying that I don't have girlfriends who I talk to but it's only sometimes. They always worrying about how pretty they look or that kind of thing and they just mad at me when I don't even do nothing,(some not all) but they just don't like me. I extend my self in terms of friendship I'm nice I laugh a lot,I'm well grounded and down to earth,I'M JUST REAL with everybody,and maybe to real or in deep thought for most to understand that's all,so just pray for me because aside from having good female friends in general,I need sistah friends who we can get along and see eye to eye for once. I'm not saying I don't have sistah friends but we don't kick it outside of school and they're not interested in the things I like to do,in terms of personality traits we're different. We get along and talk but we are interested in different things. (And sorry,that this is so long)lol
Desert Storm

P.S. So maybe that could give you a better picture of what it's been like for me.


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