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Mar 30, 2001
Atlanta, GA
The rain is fallin'.....
It has kept me up
I turn on my radio......
and begin to bundle up
I get into my "comfort zone".....
and "light: one up
My eyes chase the drops......
that are drippin' against my "dow"
It is then I remember.......
everything i miss
I think about the sadness....
and tears you have brought "to this"
Unlike the roses or calls.....
which i never received
or the love....
the love i never got "unconditionally"
the only thing unconditional
was the godd*** pain
all the lies, the sluts
yet still I maintain
the things that i allowed
should of never been accepted
i compromised myself......
as well as my essence
i lowered my self to ********
WHICH brings me to my past
the men that were involoved
and how they never last
then they wonder why
i consider them to be "dogs"
but then i come to realize
why you had no respect for me at all
it is simply because of you
i did not respect ME
so now i am alone
ridin' 'round solo
but just so you know
i no longer live in sorrow!


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