Black Poetry : loins

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    sipping on sounds while my saliva stays spread on the ground
    like a baskerville hound that got turned around
    i always give a pound to da fam looking up...never down
    the brown skinned architects of the sound
    and vibrations...sicker than diet cola patients
    drinking with libations and cooking with no seasoning
    for hatians...baking like a raisin in the sun
    and it aint no fun if the drummer can't get none
    fight or flight wack mc's always run
    raps get clapped cause you sound sweet like a sugar plum
    mango tangerine...simple sounding simps sound silly with their scheme
    while i stay serine...stacking cream like steel beams
    and you still and your ras clot bumba clot team
    it's obscene how i operate on open seams
    as i hit you with this ish one time for your bean
    so you can get down without fleeing
    and dreaming INTO REALITY like a higher being...