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    Logic and Faith

    In catching the Lord you must analyze thoroughly. Otherwise there is a danger of catching a false blind preacher. Once you are sure of the Lord, your faith should start, which should be above the analysis and logic. The reason is that He is above logic. But to filter the fraud preachers, analysis is essential. Your faith should not contain logic, but it should stand on the firm logic. You must achieve the faith through logic and stop the logic after attaining the faith.

    The human incarnation is never accepted in past, present and future because the egoism and jealousy of the human beings are never crucified. When God is fully revealed in the human incarnation, people reject Him due to egoism and jealousy. If God is hidden in the human incarnation, then also they will reject by treating Him as an ordinary human being with negligence.

    Therefore, the human incarnation should neither express God fully nor should hide the God completely. He should express the God to that extent only, which can remove the negligence but should hide God to that extent, which cannot raise the egoism and jealousy. The behavior of the human incarnation is thus a balance point of the mixture. The human incarnation itself is a balanced mixture of the unimaginable God and physically perceivable human body. The un-imaginability or inexplicability of the God, called as Brahman or Jehovah or Allah, which is expressed through the silence of Buddha. Buddha kept silent about God to indicate that God is beyond the words and imagination.

    Some followers immediately misunderstood Buddha as an atheist and the most pitiable point is that He Himself is one of the ten incarnations of the Lord. You can neither reach God directly due to His unimaginable nature, nor recognize Him when He comes to you in human form due to negligence. The final result is only total loss in any case. I pity this unfortunate humanity in this ultimate spiritual point. This makes the souls to rotate in the cycle of creation continuously for the entertainment of the Lord forever and perhaps that is the intrinsic wish of the Lord!

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

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    It's very true; when one is taking on the faith, they need to pay great attention to where they step for there are many wolves in this world seeking to devour any sheep of the King's. We must place our full trust and faith in the Father and the Son, for the sacrifice in the body that was made for us to have salvation, and for the love which is given to us everyday.

    We must show true belief, and not half beliefs, in the Son's work and resurrection and the Father's works also.

    Trusting in our King, He will protect us.