Black Poetry : Locked Up(u can't have !@#$)


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Mar 26, 2004
high school student
I heard Akon singing this song
Of how his life turned up side down
The life turned dead wrong
A life of crime and broken laws
Jay Z said it betta,"Talk to the lawd."
Jesus still walking and blessing
Hoping these many and few learn a lesson
But is there a way that you can lock yourself up with no key
Erase yourself from another's memory?
Vanishing from their thoughts and eyes that see
That's what these rappers doing today crap the
Pollute the radio waves
With rhymes that have no meaning and crazy ways
Lil' Flip and T.I. wanna be the king of the southside
50 cent and Ja Rule want to be the kings up north
While Cameron mad because Mason done found the Lord
Beefin' ova dumb ish I can't undastand
People still willin' to spend a grand
I'm not dissing all emcees,just wanna bes
The so called certified gangstas
Coochie Pumpas
And booty humpas
Can we get us a real MC
Take the stand and despense a new quality
Of unity
The beats are nice and so is the spice
Rapping is not a game it's poetry which I hold very dear to me
That the industry tricks those who dont oppose to buying
Jadakiss asked us why the rappers be lying
Until we can get the real hip hop
These rappers is played out like hop scotch
And until we get something real
I'm locking up my purse and keeping my bills :nono:


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Oct 4, 2003
Save the bills for something that strikes you as real. Too bad this can't be memorized by those who just can't see yet. Well written piece.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
dis was expressed so !got my wallet

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