Black Poetry : Loaded Gunz in (A-me-rik-ka)

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    Loaded Gunz in Amerikka

    Now we have the weapon of defense
    will we use it wit common sense
    or display it on blackness and against

    Will we sho it and let it sing
    pop all chambers so that it ring
    or will we keep it for protection

    See dat loaded gun u now tote
    is da weapon throughout history smoke
    legal lines poeticly was wrote

    This not a toy or some joke
    but i'll lives displayed for broke
    da tyme has come no more revoke

    Too many been shot down
    by racism and da supremacy clowns
    in deep struggle and poverty towns

    Da kkk / nazzi / skinhead bound
    til the rise of black awareness was found
    now we aim our scoop on high ground

    To fight america society junction
    sho how we now blaze wit a function
    to break da ties of whitewashed mindz

    Our loaded guns we shoot won't body kill
    but ring da sound our vioce instill
    that will lock down on whiteys supremacy will

    Our bullets is the knowledge we now seal
    and da wisdom we shoot that's real
    da mindz are loaded as a full course meal

    We came here as slaves by force
    it wasn't our africaness of choice
    had no rights or a voice

    In this land of no liberity
    no blackz are truely really free
    inside this place of sad society
    where we still work and slave see

    Evil dollar rule this country
    but a change we now come to be
    fearless leaders standing mentally
    against the power of surpremacy

    We now tote da weapon of defense
    but will we use it wit common sense
    or use it against our own awareness

    Black people , people please
    talk to me while i'm on my knees
    about to pull the trigger as i squeeze

    To ring out from my soul
    be heard loud and extremely bold
    that we as people will never fold
    no matter how hot or even cold

    We builded this land from our handz and feet
    countless hours of never sleep
    whips and chains against our skin meat
    throughout da pain our bodies meet
    so many died working to defeat

    Our today's ammo can break down da wall
    where destruction and ruling makes da call
    all we need is our loaded guns (bang! bang!!)
    ring out mentally wit our atomic bombs

    clashing wisdom of what we know
    blasting from da knowledge our mindz has sto
    mixing up this battle we can control da war
    wit our unity of united loaded guns we sho

    6 shooter / P-shooter /2 shooter / shotgun or bomb
    look out americkka here we come in blackness
    out of slavery into our awareness
    it's not a death threat but my voice ready and set
    to squeeze da trigger and release

    Blood will spill yet not by our hand
    but from da will how blackz mindz has exspand
    and because we now taking a stand
    dat will kill u because u don't understand

    U ask how what when and where wit flare
    now u showing dat u care and stare
    but to late we tote wit care
    loaded guns this we now bare

    We have crossed into every maze
    smartly/politicly/sportly/humanly wit glaze
    we are no longer in this daze or being faze
    we no longer locked upon ya rotten cage
    but we move in movement not in rage
    our mindz of truth has set da stage

    AMERICA.......we have all the mind tools
    u nolonger will pose da power to rule
    we have our guns of self power
    we pose our mental free will strong
    we nolonger is tis sorrow hour song
    we can take it even if stone

    we have faith and united a unity
    we now taking back these communities
    we now tote loaded guns of blk beauty
    we even learn through self schooling
    teaching history of our culture / heritage
    this is our fate da great escape from bondage

    AMERICA........beware of blackness
    the stillness of da night
    da darkness when there's no light
    as we rise to extracise our rights
    we now fight from da legacy of legends
    Loaded Gunz in Amerikka

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