Black Poetry : Load of Freight

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    Load of Freight

    Fake clown best prepare for the take down I’m wrestling
    And testing cats in my Jonh Cena Arena got them nesting
    Like birds these the type nerds that lay eggs and play on
    The edge of my nerves I pledge to serve them with a strong
    *** whooping, rhyme clout just to find out whose whack or not
    If they are then attack their plot some got crack in vein a blood clot
    Freak try be strong and keep an eye on the police no peace
    The laws are raw stealth and sick don’t stepon your dick cease
    being jail bait after you fail to escape a charge can’t dodge
    a judge and jury lot of grudge and fury in a courtroom, Marge
    is my lady with a garaged Mercede, we don’t plan to disvorced
    unless we’re forced to, look I step with bent vowels on course
    to represent style, these fake but jerks have to do make up work
    for a street exam to compete in a slamdunk contest so be alert
    like some candy keep a Hershey bar come in handy for my sweet
    tooth so I rock it while eating chocolate walking and talking in streets
    got brisk clout to dish out while I fish for trout that’s what this is about
    swim above the rim and be a thug in tims like 2pac now ready to shout
    drink red wine and duck the headlines don’t want my particles
    In the articles of a newspaper, a bolder guy who oversupply microphones
    With rhymes and make domes chime like bells don’t battle this go home
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    I like your style poet, keep dropping the fizz, I hear ya.