Black People : Living To Obtain The Greater Good

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Living to obtain the Greater Good Because Of The Positive Production Of The Universal Cosmic Black Ancestors.

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I concern not myself with the envy, jealousy, selfish egotistic spirit of the present defeated ignorance of Nonproductive Black Afrikans.

I study to learn about the beneficial and nonbeneficial productive and nonproductive activity of the Ancestors in and of our Black active past active involvement to be of a Greater Good to the changing performance of the Physical World, in this instance, the Black Afrikan World descending from the past involvement of our Black changing of a spiritual performance.

I direct myself to concentrate on every aspect of performance of my past Ancestors and I choose to advance that aspect of positive performance so to have a positive impact on the present need of my Black active involvement performance that will produce a Greater Good for the steadfastness of a Black Afrikan Nation unified proper.

What has gone on to create my past connection to my Divine Cosmic Black Universal Ancestors truthfully, really, and positively, is what I know is that portion of my past I must condition myself to benefit from.

So, do not come to me with your trivial underhanded trivia approach with the intention to confuse the congregation of Black Afrikans who are with a desire to learn again about the Divine Truth that consists of the positiveness of the past performance of our Divine benevolent past performing Black Cosmic Universal Ancestors.

What the record of experience that becomes my past connection to my Divine Ancestors reveal to me, I accept that which develop me to the highest dynamic degree of positiveness, know of the nonpositive production of that period of my past, plays its role in my full development based on the Divine intelligence I carry from the nature of my design.

So I trouble not myself to envy not that which has not a Divine example to serve to be to me, my obligation is to only advance the Mental and Spiritual assurance of my ability to distinguish between that which is Divinely positive to the uplifting of my Mental ability so to galvanize the exactness of my Spirituality all for the purpose and benefit to be able to advance that part of my past that is there to benefit my activity in the present.

It is the foolish Black Afrikan that behave to nullify the strength of our past positiveness, so to become obscene to and in our present, seeking to gain reputation by being obnoxious in the presence of the Divine Truth!!!

So, I remain steadfast in sharing the Divine Truth based on my revealed knowledge concerning the production and nonproduction past performance by my Ancient Cosmic Black Ancestors, living and being Divine to experiencing periods of Profaness, verify the motion of Time that cause a change in being physical.

I choose to use Time as my instructor and I depart from the ways of the mental ill, performing with the mind of our oppressors, yet attempting to appear to be well educated in that which that white racist condition the mind now being used being in total submission to the teaching to those who benefit not, being with the use of the nonthinking ability now being performed by the believing present-day Black Afrikans. Is Available To Your Thinking Divine Mind, And Reparation/Repatriation Represent Black Afrikans Freedom, Beloved!!!

Above All Else, First Seek You Your Freedom And All You Need To Know

Divine Respect

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