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    Living Beyond The Matrix: What You Need To Know

    In the last 50 years, they took family away, they took church away, they took long-term careers and marriages away, they took childrearing away, and they took community away. And without these smaller, but very foundational, structures to collectively define, contain, and organize us, many people have become destabilized and confused by a distorted sense of who they are in relationship to other people and things, because their perception of being able to have a complete and fulfilling experience with another human being is being compromised or destroyed.
    So you may be organizing yourself around a structure or system that is actually leading you into a greater sense of insecurity—both short- and long-term. And if you’re unable to positively shift and reorganize yourself through consciousness and creativity, then you may be falling back on a foundational identity that can only replicate and reproduce a very dissatisfied, negative, and emotionally defensive or submissive perception of human interaction in which you’re reorganizing people through your angers, disappointments, and incompletions.
    The benefit of this information is not only in being able to pinpoint how you’re organizing yourself in time and space, but also to identify which evolutionary tools are necessary for you to see and actualize a different set of experiences with the people and situations that you’re involved with. Living Beyond the Matrix assists you in acquiring the necessary tools that you can use to reorganize your relationships with time, space, people, situations, and circumstances to actually get a more positive result.
    Join us for this series of classes beginning June 20, 2007 and continuing until you get it and can pass it on, in CHAT
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    This is great,but because of my schedule I will not be able to attend much but will I be able to obtain this info from a seperate source in the future