Black People : Livin' and Dyin' in Mark Sanford Time (Life and Death pt.2)

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    It appears now that Governor Mark Sanford will not be impeached from office. His friends in the South Carolina state legislature refuse to fire him. They all sit and allow health services for the elderly, disabled, and poor to be cut. Yes, they turn away from misery, pain, and death right here before their eyes. Sanford’s selfish behavior taunts the good people of South Carolina. He cries for the cameras then laughs like a hyena in heat when the lights recede.

    A farmer, a teacher-of-the-year, a cheerleader, a shop owner, and a Sunday school teacher were gunned down in cold blood by a serial killer last week in South Carolina. It was a hot sweaty week of pure living hell. The good news is that the serial killer who terrorized the Gaffney, South Carolina area was shot and killed. A North Carolina couple will receive a $30,000 Crimestoppers reward for calling in the tip that led deputies to the killer. Michael and Terry Valentine phoned in the tip to authorities after their puppy barked and woke them early Monday morning.

    When they let the dog out, they noticed strange activity at the house next door and thought a burglary was taking place. Actually, it happened to be the Gaffney serial killer, Patrick Burris, who was responsible for at least five murders in the Gaffney, South Carolina area. Officers shot and killed Burris after he opened fire on them early Monday morning. Finally, a little over a week after it began, the terror was over. The killer was dead.

    The bad news is that folks in the Gaffney, South Carolina area who may be mentally traumatized by the murders will find it difficult to receive help. Due to a serious lack of leadership from Governor Mark Sanford, the state of South Carolina has cut services to the most vulnerable citizens in the state. Here are just a few of the services recently cut from the state budget.

    South Carolina Medicaid will limit coverage for psychological counseling, physician visits, and routine physicals. They will also stop enrolling people living with HIV as part of a $61 million round of budget cuts. In addition, budget cuts include an end hospice care for Medicaid-only patients; a decrease in the amount of assistance for prescription drug costs for low-income, elderly populations; and a reduction in home health nurse visits from 75 to 50 per year; and reducing assistance to hospitals and nursing homes.

    Families who move from welfare to work will now receive one year rather than two years of Medicaid coverage. Income requirements for Medicaid benefits have been raised in South Carolina and an estimated 3,700 elderly and disabled people are expected to lose Medicaid benefits. The state also restricted many services, including preventive services.

    The South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs will have to operate on $70 million less than the previous year. This is due to drastic cuts in the agency’s budget. This means that thousands of disabled citizens will be forced to move into state institutions as the funds to provide in-home care have been cut from the budget.

    It’s now been over a week since Governor Mark Sanford returned to South Carolina from his rendezvous in Buenos Aires. Michael Jackson has died and a memorial service held in Jackson’s honor. A maniac terrorized Gaffney, South Carolina, was tracked down and killed. Funeral services have been held for all of his victims and memorials have been published for them in all the local newspapers. July the Fourth has come and gone. Question is, where’s Mark Sanford?

    He’s still the governor of South Carolina even though he voluntarily quit his job when he vanished for five days. He’s the same person who does not want federal stimulus funds for the citizens of South Carolina. He’s the same person who wants to deny unemployment compensation to the unemployed. He’s the same person who wants funds taken from the poor, elderly, and disabled of this state. He’s the same person who wants to destroy public education.

    Yes, while we’ve mourned our losses, paid tribute to our heroes, and spent time with our loved ones, Mark Sanford remains governor of South Carolina. A man who champions the “free market” and wants government “run like a business” is still a Chief Executive Officer. Maybe this is the way Sanford thinks a business should run. He, after all, started his career at Goldman Sachs in New York after his wife, Jenny, got him a job there.

    In the “free market” Mark Sanford would have already been fired. South Carolina is not, Mark Sanford, a corporation. South Carolina is a state within the United States of America comprised of hard-working people with friends and families who love them. We are also folks who have no families or no friends. We’re not all big-shot corporate fat cats.

    We’re disabled, old, hungry, sick, unemployed, homeless, veterans, who love this state and this country. We were born with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, epilepsy, and diabetes. We’re blind and deaf. We’ve survived heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. We have Down’s syndrome and we have Muscular Dystrophy. We have Alzheimer’s.

    We don’t have a competent governor or a state government.
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