Black Poetry : Live in a house give a mouse cheese use this to arouse these chicks in mini-skirts quick and plenty alert love some but don't got any flirts make love


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May 11, 2006
Live in a house oh please
give a mouse cheese
use this to arouse these
chicks in mini-skirts
quick and plenty alert
love some but don't got any flirts
make love
take to the club
a fake is a scrub
occupy towns
with hot fly nouns
want pie by the pound
in full capacity
and wool is nasty
in the summer time
got a hummer and rhyme
let the beer fill my jar
thrill at the bar
build a car
by just adding dubs
and things sadden at the club
when no chicks is available
increase in rap
but dang a piece is trapped
on the microphone and map
has shown him the way out
arrange in order
he's in strange water
and sharks is a part
dealing with a raw jaw
got a load of rhymes
but his road incline
now his plot is bold
with them pot holes
need mud flaps
with these love raps
his truck get splash
and his luck is smashed
now stuck after a crash
his tires hurl and spin
he has desires for a girlfriend
here to do good
and be true hood
and like EDDIE FLOYD knock on wood
a winner drastic
in interscholastic
learn to be better
and earned a letter
approached the coach never
believed it no quit forever
“SO LOOK BOO he's on the street with fact
ready to speak or act
all the fakes keep back
talk and watch
walk and march
like a parade
do hype serenades
the type that persuade
his groove is chocolate
he move like a rockets
just to prove he can drop it
his love behoove don't knock it
you a KOREAN CHICK hot and cute
on VIRGINIA BEACH sweet like fruit
she live as a chick with flame
he wanna give her a nickname
he's so quick to aim
at the bedroom
as his head tuned
to having sex
while she's grabbing the kotex
romance unravel
advance or travel
in drop top
to a hot spot
can stay true
but he can't play you boo
look he rush some
crushed his thumb
with a ill hammer
and still nail the grammar
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May 11, 2006
and still nail the grammar
he has class in a worldly affair
wearing a mass of curly hair
rap bazaar quotes
have a car and a boat
he wanna take her far in his dope
ride and explode
on the side of the road
when in a sexual mode
met some true bodies
at a few parties
had a good time
I would rhyme
but tired right now
NAW PLAYER the theme of the song
is be a queen at home
got sweet cake
but have to keep awake
one boy peeped tried to take
some I said nope oh he begged
my thighs was open
plus pies smoking
panties hot and wet
but not yet
he jest got my tongue
right there in the car sprung
and stuff his mind was strung
out over the phat lips on my thing
oh he wanted to go crazy and bang
my gravy and splash my pothole
like car tires
and leave forest fires
in my panties and jest piss
SMOKY THE BEAR off so kiss
slowly plus you have a ROLLY
you want a true chick
but do it tick?
Oh he got my tongue quick
I was moving my thing
and grooving with a ring
on my finger guess he's the king
of the street

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