Sister's Only Chat : Little White Lines of Horror

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    Lol or as everyone else calls them stretch marks. So yeah I've got em' & there not going away anytime soon. What do I do, it's getting hot and I'd like to wear shorts but I'm to ashamed. When ever people seem them on my legs they make it there #1priority to point them out & loudly in front of everyone. "What are you doin with stretch marks and your so little.":?: I only weigh 110 - but I've had them since I was 12 or 13. I use to be skinny like a rail then I got a lil bit of meat on my bones so I guess thats how they came about. I seem to be just ranting-but I dont know wat to do. Should I say **** the world & wear some freakin shorts or keep covering up.
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    I don't think you're ranting, just sharing a problem with us. Have you consulted a dermatologist? I have heard that there are some skin peeling techniques that help fade stretch marks, but of this I am not sure. Some people swear by pure shea butter, saying that it helps even out the skin tone. There are various types of cover sticks and makeup that help hide scars.
    We've all been victims of thoughtless, hurtful comments. Why point out imperfections, I mean, we all have them. I'm thinking that you are attractive, and perhaps these comments are being made to be catty. One may see a blemish on another and notice it, however, it's rude enough to say it, but to say it loud enough for others to hear? Seems like their own insecurities are speaking loud and clear.
    I know that words can hurt, so I'm not going to say, oh forget about them, just do what makes you feel comfortable. But, eventually if you can't find a method to diminish the appearance of the marks, you will have to make a decision. What is more important, what some rude people say, or your own comfort? I appreciate you sharing yourself with us sister.