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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
In a quiet public library
sits an educated man
thinking of his future
with a special woman-
afraid of who she is
he ponders; wondering
just what are her plans

Directly across the room from him
an accomplished, well written
woman stands
remembering her tomorrows
considering him to be hers,
wanting him to be her man-
she's taking notes, writing
a requisition-
because she wants to know he the one who could
scribe her
prose her
write a novel about "A Life Together"
like a composition to recite forever
not allowing dust to overtake
the title on the cover of their
.....Literary Love ~

This man and woman in the same library,
at the same time,
are separated
by hardcovers
magazine racks
bookshelves and
yet they exist.... and think similar thoughts

The two finally meet and
read each other
for hours and hours; for days on end
becoming more knowledgeable of the
other -
infinite possibilities-

doing research to become more familiar-
they gain insight upon interest
losing themselves only to learning
comprehending asking questions
inquisitive discovery uncovered
there's more to him - there's more to her...
past life experiences to future aspirations;
admiration with inclinations to relationships
with varying degrees of complication

After the probing session was over
they decided to join souls and collaborate
it was the best of the best... and
the crem' de la creme...
Reading and Writing;
Speaking and Spelling;
Listening and Learning

this man and this woman
who at one time
knew not each other
were no longer separated
by books in the library -
no longer separated by space
nor by time
they, You, I, we became the published material
that made "US" more literal.

Literally YOURS,
Literally MINE
...................Literary Lovers...............

Your flow is simply remarkable and has sent my mind spinning...

Literary lovers... how bout we write a book about how we would live together, love together, be together, breathe together and live our lives to da page.

lets write our own future and erase our pasts so we begin from just us and build from there...

your concept was lovely! very inspiring N2!!!

Diggin ya style

<<whiping the sweat from my brow>>

GQ - ya' know "I put in work" just
to make you happy!!

Ya' know I luv your scribes like that
too....thank you for blessin' my page
with your "Star-of-Bethlehem" rays!!

Who luvs ya' daddy!!??
ME......ME......ME -do!
Thank you GQ, thank you....

There is a "REASON for everything - isn't there?!

I'm so happy you
enjoyed reading this;
It's good to know there
is so much love in this
lounge -
I'll keep sharing
if you promise
to keep reading

Thanks for your thoughtful/thought-filled
words of encouragement...


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