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    The Origin of Things

    Look around you Black child,Your creation is everywhere,Though painted, distorted,Given new names,They bear your prints just the same.So sharpen your eyes,Tune your ears,So you’ll know what you see,Understand what you hear.You were the first to write,The first to read,Humanity sprang from your Black seed.For 110,000 years, you were here alone,And then the Caucasian man was born, Behind the ice, inside the cold, A chill set in this new man’s soul. Other minds have been credited, With the things they learned from you, Newton, Pythagoras, Kelper, And Galileo too. Sharpen your eyes,Tune your ears, So you’ll know what you see, Understand what you hear.You made the serpent,The symbol of the healing arts, And African Justice was Goddess Maat, Who weighed herself against the African soul,Truth and justice blind-fold.The George Washington monument, Is yours too, A copy of the African Tekhenu, The symbol of the Black world’s Power of creation,The Black man’s penis in divine procreation. The king of southern Egypt, Wore the White Crown, Keep listening, And you’ll catch you mouth When you learn that the central government in Egypt,Was known as the White House. Sharpen your eyes,Tune your ears, So you’ll know what you see, Understand what you hear.Your God Osiris was restored to life, Long before Buddha, Long before Christ, And today what you called The Madonna and Child, Is but the First Black family, Worshipped along the Nile. And when you feel the spirit,The Holy Ghost,You should know it started at Abydos. Where God Osiris’s body was laid,The Holy Land where Africans prayed. Minute by minute, Hour by hour, As you lose you history, You lose your power. So sharpen your eyes,Tune your ears,So you’ll know what you see, Understand what you hear.


    Listervelt Middleton was a knowledge-able man, brought down b4 his time because of what he knew and how he shared what he knew. The general premise behind his murder and that of Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Professor James, Walter Rodney, Dr. Amos Wilson -- just to name a few, is the same: kill the minds of the few who possess the power to influence the many.

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