Nation of Gods and Earths : LISTEN!!!

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    In The Name Of Allah,
    Lord Of All Thee Worlds…


    “…The Babies Will Come With A Greater Understanding…”,
    { Father Allah/Allah the Father}
    * * *

    Do the knowledge, and hopefully understand, for what I am about to manifest is nothing new, nor is it not known, rather it is needed to be expounded upon. So, from the manifestant, to you, as I am about to make knowledge born, I ask that you Listen and Listen greatly. Know and understand that when I say Listen that I means more that hear or read me, rather do more than make an effort to hear or read what is being made manifest. Take what I manifest, do the knowledge, do it again( Wisdom ), now strive to understand the truth I am conveying.
    The above statement, in regard to the babies(“…The Babies Will Come With A Greater Understanding…” ), which was stated by the Honorable and beloved Father Allah, or Allah the Father as some choose to refer to him as. Either-or, it’s hopefully clear to he who I am speaking about. This statement in it’s exact wording, is not actually known by me. But it is known that he said such a statement, and not only was such stated, but is also true indeed. And such a statement is the premises for this degree of truth titled, “Listen!!!” For it’s important for you and I to not only know that such a Man( Father Allah/ Allah the Father… ) made such a statement, but as well when and why.
    Well, I may not know the actual date, or time, but we do know and understand that such a statement was made. I also know that a statement had to be made before the assassination of our Brother and Father Allah( Allah the Father…), which was the 12th day of June, 1969. Keeping in mind, such a day, it should not be hard to decipher who is a baby from that day forward. Though it may be a little more energy requiring to Cee who the Babies are the Father was referring to, who will come with that greater understanding.
    Cee, understand, there were understanding(3) type of people the Father
    Dealt with; 1. His Brothers… ( which included any and all people who he embraced daily( i.e. Family, friends, Nation, students, etc… ) 2. The Devil( Which I am sure you know who and what they were and are…)) and last but least, 3. The Babies who were here and yet to come, who would make manifest that Greater understanding yet to come.
    It’s is extremely to understand the difference between the three, for in doing such you can and will find understanding, greater understanding and less understanding. Before I manifest another thought, allow me to manifest my understanding( Great Understanding…) to such a statement(“…The Babies Will Come With A Greater Understanding…” ). Such a statement to me is self-explanatory, but we also know that what is self-explanatory to one isn’t necessarily self-explanatory to another( True or not? ). In the time of the Father it was and is clear that knowledge, wisdom and understanding was not obsolete, yet he still found it necessary to inform and warn those in that time period, that the Babies would come with a greater understanding. So would it be incorrect of me to understand such an understanding as those babies are those who were privilege to receive their understanding who then take such and by doing the knowledge, expressing the wisdom and manifesting thee understanding, such then would be a greater understanding. And that greater understanding would cause them to do things those before us didn’t do, as well do not things they did. Greater Understanding is founded on understanding, as at the same time we can’t and won’t exclude the foundation. There will be those who will be in objection and opposition to such understanding( Greater understanding… ), which is understandable. Let the record reflect, those who come with that Greater Understanding are not here to exclude or do away with the Father, his Brothers or what they blessed us with. Never That!!! Rather, I and those who are manifestants of that Greater Understanding are here to fulfill the words, wishes and will of those such as the Father Allah and his Brothers. As well Show forth and prove constantly, in more ways than one. Understand, such is inevitable, as well as Divine( Words are beautiful, actions are divine…). What is and shall become, is applicable to the concept – Determine idea… For we the true and fore mention babies are not made, rather manifested. And we will be known and identified by our manifestation of greater understanding. Such is not put in us, rather brought out of us, each and every day, in each and every way. The determine idea is a part of our purpose, make up and existence. So do not only understand what the Father Allah meant by such a statement of truth, but as well who we are, as well what we do. As one shall know the tree by the fruit it bears, so shall one know the Babies the Father Allah was referring to by the great understanding they make manifest. Now, in conclusion I ask, keeping in mind the understanding(3) type of people the Father Allah dealt with( 1. His Brothers… 2. The Devil! & The Manifestants of Greater Understanding( The Babies! )), which one or ones, are you!?

    Made Manifest By; Application Latik Seymou Allah( 15,097 )