Black People Politics : Listen Up Black Lives Matter Mainstays!!

Discussion in 'Black People Politics' started by chuck, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Candidly and honestly

    At best you're just playing catchup...

    Yes I have more than a clue about the uphill battles ahead for us all

    But you're just the latest generations to speak out and stand up

    The issues and problems are nothing past generations didn't or don't know or understand anything about too..

    But who are your allies?

    As well as where are your protests and rallies meant lead us next?!?

    You diss Spike Lee??

    Go back and see The Three O G S

    Your black activism I applaud...

    But you need to rise above my generations past bad mistakes too...

    Many of my generations wannabe young black revolutionaries wound up behind prison walls...

    Do peep and hear out those who are older too..

    Some who remained a part of our resistance efforts also have much to teach today's young black urban youth too...

    Do your homework and also check out Chiraq as the reality check it's meant to be as well...

    Good luck!!