Black Poetry : Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)

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    The Lone-Star State
    Despite gun violence which has permeated American culture,
    lawmakers have voted for more of the same. Fear rules the
    roost among terrified right wing gun advocates.
    In the face of the massacre of innocent children,
    true to form; politicians vote to save their own hides.
    Topics like immigration and a rise in the population of
    people of color, promote laws that favor angry and
    paranoid proponents of majority rule.

    Meanwhile, senseless Black on Black murderous crime
    plague cities like Chicago. The proliferation of drugs
    and self-destructive behavior continue as we too, live
    and die by the "sword". When the Black Panther Party
    went packing and cited their right to bear arms
    Whitey was appalled. When Malcolm famously said
    "By any means necessary", it became necessary for
    him to die. Once Dr. Martin Luther King, spoke out
    against violence he was seen as threat
    and assassinated.

    Because Mandela, rebeled against racist aparthied
    he was beaten and jailed unjustly. When will we say
    that enough is enough, and mean it? Ours is such a
    rich heritage. Why do we allow ourselves to squander
    our dignity? What have we allowed to overcome us,
    when it is our collective selves who was to overcome?
    Our adherence to the dysfunction of self-hatred has
    resulted in the emaciation of a once cohesive community.
    Are we destined to go out like that?

    In the land of Oz, the Wiz has had us hoodwinked long
    enough. Let us begin to travel away from the yellow
    brick road and find our courage. We've fallen, yes,
    but we can get up. Educated long before cave dwellers,
    we have always had a brain. It is certainly true that
    a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I implore you,
    brothers and sisters; have a heart. One by one, let
    us once again be Black and proud.

    Darryl Abdu Omari :10200:
    a.k.a. 1poetsought ~ owe we owe