Black Poetry : Lines Formed On My Face & Hands

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    there's a passion burning from deep inside
    a desire for blood in my thirst quenched soul
    things in life are getting way out of control
    each of us goes through certain phases
    all where looking for is an inner place
    some how it may come from outer space
    a social disgrace in my Peyton place
    many are filled up with lies does it come as no surprise
    man, women & child getting a little bit wild
    flirting faces certain traces in these places
    the passion now burns as a volcanic ash
    no one in this life gets by on a free pass
    we all have reason to believe
    but only a few get down on there knees
    Alice Cooper is a jewel to share with us a new rule
    vibrations from the outer banks of town
    everybody want to get on down
    its never to late when you live by faith
    for he is always there
    I shed a tear to numb the inner pain
    lest I refrain another turn of the page
    there are lines being drawn in the sand
    hopefully someday all will understand