Black Poetry : Linen Cloud..the Mrs.


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Dec 10, 2001
Atlanta, Georgia
my linen is winning
but still it needs a woman’s compliment
standing tall in stilettos
classy & confident

a seductress
with sugar coated lips
a baby doll in the face
but grown woman in the hips

caramel chardonnay
describes her sultry skin tone
her daddy was a deacon
her mama was big boned
so she can pray
and play spades
that means she’s cultured
and yet home-grown

i want a groove child
that’s comfortable with savoir-faire
she can finesse a 2 step
between the bass and the snares

is she egocentric?
just the center of attention
the missing ingredient in my gourmet pimpin
…mrs. linen

mrs. linen gives me never leave therapy
that means she stays by my side
i call her chevro-lady baby
cause lil mama rides or die
from the south-side…she’s country
to the north-side…she’s cool
she took me all over the east-side
and introduced me her to crew

from casual to comfortable
look how we chill
we take vacations just to take ‘em
just look where we’ve been
you only live once & might as well get it in
because tomorrow ain’t promised
and today is about to end

so we’re driving love in the fast lane
with the top down
and the windows up
and we ain’t worried about the laws
tell ‘em come and get us
pay no attention to the Jonses
they’re trying to keep up with us

because …

we’re so high off each
that we compete with the clouds
looking for room in the heavens
to put this love thing down

we’re so high off of each other
that we compete with the clouds
trying to find room
up here in heaven
to put our love thing down

NittyGritt (c) 2008 PriestHood Inc. "The Standard Has Been Changed"


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