Black Entertainment : lil' kim's latest look...


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Jun 18, 2004
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Dec 18, 2014
I can't believe what is front of my eyes. When Lil Kim first began her singing career I thought she was a very beautiful young lady. That is why when she began butchering her original look I was perplexed. To me there was no reason for her
to undergo any type of cosmetic surgery.
Look at what Hollywood is doing to the minds of our brightest black talent. Where is their black pride and self confidence? This whitening of their skin and altering their facial features to resemble white people. As much as I love
this lady, I feel blacks should boycott her and not buy her music because I see a double standard in her music and her
racial feelings. If you don't want to look like us, the black race maybe you don't like us and we are just being used to
line your financial nest.

America has really made a psychological mess of many, many black people hasn't it?


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Dec 18, 2014
I want to add this jamesfrmphilly, our Lil Kim isn't alone with skin bleaching to the point of all traces
of Africa is erased. Sadly there are other black stars doing the same thing, not just here in America, but in Africa also.
Sad commentary on the state of black people around the world in the early 21st century.
What is happening to us jamesfrmphilly?

Terry Swoope has excellent documentaries videos on this serious issues.
Please watch it and see the shackles of psychological slavery rattle
up from your computer screen into your face and mind.


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