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    Lil Joe:

    Chief Osiris,
    >I recognize in you the tradition of struggle theology present in the WORK,
    >Sun Ra and John Gilmore, that move us forward into the recognition of
    >the Bright is a property of Dark Matter. I love to feed on your cosmology,
    >which is confirmed by modern astrophysics, Hubble and infrared tools of
    >data collection and analysis.

    Beloved Lil Joe, I am just now seeing your comments here, I to regard your Mental power of reasoning empirically as well, my beloved.

    Lil Joe

    >Chief Elder Osiris, as I am a child of your generation of warriors, I bow to
    >you in appreciations of the battles you fought. Presently, as I write this in
    >honer and appreciation, it is not accidental that I am inspired, as listling to
    >Rashid Ali's "solo" on "Meditation/ Leo", with Trane in Japan, where in their
    >music Trane's spiritual moment was dedicated to the victims of Heroshema
    >and Nagasaki, the tribute in Trane's "Concert in Japan". Ah! "Peace on

    Beloved, this is why I can appreciate you so, because you display an aura that seek more than what is superficial and is able to see the soul action of others, be they reasonable or unreasonable.
    >Lil Joe

    >"Revolution is based on love" - Che: Love for humanity engendered in me,
    >and from my intellect and appreciation of you in Love, the two of you:
    >Osiris, and Isis, love is respect and recognition. Dark matter cosmology,
    >as you have presented it I think I understand. Your data/knowledge of
    >the universe is more detailed than most humans encountered; but, your
    >inerpretation is more insightful into the mysteries of the cosmos in your
    >cosmological axiology, and your writing on logic and enlightenment, your
    >contribution to the called for "African Renaissance" is, and will be a an
    >important contribution as were insignts in declarations of Jakob Boehme.
    >http://www.marxists .org/reference/ archive/feuerbac h/works/essence/ index.htm

    I can not agree with you more beloved, revolution is based on and is motivated by a deep thought of determine commitment which we express as Love.

    Beloved, I have learned much from your posts as well and I do know that your Mind is as sharp as lightening flashing across the sky and to you do I bow and may I remain Humble in your Presence and all others who exhibit an ability to Think with the ability to reach your own conclusion about that which generated your thought on any given issue or topic.
    >Lil Joe

    >You are not manipulated by ideological racial cultures of imperialism,
    >because as the Homeys say, in the 'hood, "I feel where you're coming
    >from", Holmes": Game recognizes game/ As I told Pat Anderson she
    >cannot bul**** the bullsitter. Forget them! Kick 'em ta da curb. But, to
    >make a distinction between what the contemporary African owning
    >slaves presented as a dichotomy of "Black" from "White" is completely
    >different from Jakob Boehmes concept of spiritual Sunlight from the
    >"darkness" of night. Daylight and darkness of night is empirically given,
    >by the relation of spinning Earth to the bright Sun, having no spiritua
    >metaphysical significance whatsoever.

    I agree with Jakob to a certain extent, concerning the Perfect Night and the Illusion of Light, be it coming from the Sun or a contraption that harnest the energy to the extent we can see a glow from its action.

    Beloved, all action that take place in the appearance of the perfect Night is of a Metaphysical Spiritual action of significance and I guess the difference between Jakob and I, is that I regard Metaphysical action as that action that is caused by the Divine Essence of all things, having the immaterial Ethereal action To Be, I refer to that which take place in what we call the Universe, the Heavenly Bodies in action.

    Not Being is beyond the physical Matter of action, and since the Perfect Night, by Its Ethereal appearance, which enbody all that Is To Be, from what Is That Which Is Not, yet appear to be on the physical level of action, such is in fact the ultimate Metaphysical evidence of the Ethereal Reality which is the Perfect Night, Black, Darkness.

    Beloved, the Spiritual aspect of those objects and none objects happen to be the action that flow from It all, ( Darkness ) with the All, carrying the Metaphysical Spiritual Essence of It All, Nothing transcend the Essence that Reveal the Perfect Night, that Ethereal Energy that give cause and Reveal that which we refer to be the Sun - Star in all of its Attributes of Action, one being that we refer to as Light.

    So, by the the inert action of the Perfect Night, revealing to us an illuminated Action with a Glow, which we refer to as the Sun-Star, the ingredients being that we refer to as the Elements, which is also enclosed within the Ethereal Reality of the Perfect Night, such a Cosmic Menu constitute the Metaphysical Spirituality of such Ethereal Essence of that which Is and Is Not.

    Lil Joe

    >Chief Elder Osiris, please with an open mind Check out what is in my
    >natural reasoning to have been European - that of a German thinker,
    >trying to deal with the concepts of Darkness and Light, though from
    >a standpoint of empirical limits and restrictions, where the racist
    >culture although posited "dark" as "evil", didn't contrast dark as a
    >color against "White", but dark as in night where humans lived in
    >fear of preditors to light or day when they were free.

    Beloved, regardless of what and how the Human Being presents to us the Action of the Perfect Night and the Imperfect Light and/or how they classify and describe such Action, the Empirical Ethereal Fact is that Darkness is not a contrast to anything physical or Ethereal and it is Light that is regressive to Darkness, so since Darkness is the aggressor here, then Light can only be compared to Darkness, as a subordinate to Darkness, the Two never to be equal in Action, just different in Function.

    The Human Being Know all of this I am sharing with you about the Perfect Night, but because they are a Product of Nature on the Physical Level, they now have succeeded in having the world, the Black World in Particular, to consider the only Entity that is of the Metaphysical Natural Essence, the Perfect Night, to be that which represent imperfection, in other word is evil and is to be used as a cloak to commit all sort of Evil deeds, not so beloved, the Perfect Night, the Coat you and I wear, is the Eternal Infinite Order of Metaphysical Spirituality Divinity.

    Lil Joe

    I take no position, but ask you for your insights relative to "Dark matter".
    >http://www.marxists .org/reference/ archive/feuerbac h/works/essence/ ec09.htm

    Beloved Lil Joe, in actuality Darkness is not a Matter of Fact, but an Ethereal Essence of Divine Reality, within that Reality are the Atomic Elements that flow from the Dark Essence of that Dark Reality and those are the Particles referred to as Dark matter, as a matter of fact all Matter consist of the Dark Essential Reality, yet the Matter that closely represent the Dark essence are that which reflect that Dark Reality, the only source of Actuality that is Eternally Infinite, the source of all Energetic Power, it being the Perfect Night, the God Of All That Is and Is not, residing within two Realities, One being Physical and the other Ethereal Immaterial, yet is a Metaphysical Spiritual Divine Fact of all Things that Live on the Physical Level of Reality and the No Thing that be withing the Eternal Infinite Existence of the Essential Actuality which is Infinity.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder