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May 9, 2007
i live in TushKauLoosa Ali Baba or Tuscaloosa, Ala
We were from two different combs of honey serving the same bee
I was never a drone, I was a soldier for my Queen

I met you while I was buzzin' you were bumblin' on the humble
we both were at a loss for words and talk sounded jumbled
does this mean 'I love you' or I'd love to.. rub you
we fly around flowers and your sweet nectar makes me hug you

your phermones attract me and I promise I won't sting
we gravitate in mid-air while blue jays sing

The sun brings life and the moon does to
we float around roses and the scent makes me hug you
with the morning comes dew and a feeling of 'I miss you'
distance away makes me impatient for the moment I can kiss you

I dissed you one day, at a glimpse when love was lost
love came back and made me say "Where were my thoughts?"

I ended meeting a wasp with long dark wings
we had physical attraction but, nothing in between
Mother Nature please give me my honey back
I still taste the honey from her back when we're in the sack

I saw her around some Hornets and I know they're just horny
She looked through those eyes and turned and ignored me

it almost destroyed me, annoyed me, and hurt
Because noone else on this Earth can quench my thirst
for some of her Honey

Sha'iyn aka Shuga Shane


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