Black Poetry : like a teacher I accept flowers and step with the powers to rip // microphones and strip domes leavi


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May 11, 2006
like a teacher I accept flowers and step with the powers to rip //
microphones and strip domes leaving them naked in the matrix flipped //
like oracle words while NEO see no return dude your flow like wet paper //
it don't burn you won't learn to rhyme even as a dragon don't have vapor //
enough to start a fire just fart that desire to be in HIPHOP just a hater //
convinced wisdom, not a part of your defense system, look your rhymes dreary //
while mine like the Einstein theory these EBONICS are atomics and clearly //
blow up while I'm eating a do-nut from Krispy Cream its risky to dream //
about challenging this, this stuff test freaks in CHESAPEAKE they scream //
when this steam roast brains and toast the lame when I dispatch a batch //
and catch folks off guard this not soft it's hard and my ST Bernard hatch //
eggs fool, this stuff ballistic don't get it twisted slap cats side the head //
with KFC biscuits, this disaster bloom like flowers in the afternoon them red //
roses don't have a chance, your true team are jerks do routine work yall suck //
your skull whack and you dull no facts, have words that penetrate the brain //
and innovate mainframes the fireworks demonstrate the flames say what you came //
with a drill and still can't make a hole you fake and style old

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