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Oct 13, 2006
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What is a "Universal law?" Obviously it is a rule that governs the boundaries of the Universe. The saying "what goes around comes around" is used as a signature for determining fate in a construct that works in cycles. And those who study the Universe from it's quantum partial level, will say to us - yes, what goes around does comes around. But they will also say, what goes around, also disappears.


Perhaps we place too much faith in the rules and regulations of the construct, without realizing that "law" is simply the result of how consciousness has been working thus far. When Parents set laws in the house for their children to follow, those laws are not Universal, those laws are simply rules of the house. But the house is also ruled by Universal principles - like the law of gravity- which usually determines the outcome if say some child were to drop a vase from the 2nd floor.


Because of that act, it is said the child will receive negative karma from the Parents. "What goes around comes around." "You dropped the vase, now you're in trouble." Says the older siblings. Afraid of sinister punishment, the younger child decides to run away from home -To avoid karma. The child is later picked up by the Police and is returned home to a worried Mother and Father scared to death.

The weight of a broken vase and the fear of losing a child plus the embarrassment of Police Officers returning the child knowing the story of the broken vase - places the Parent's law in a different perspective.

But without knowing it, the child has now created karma. In our field of existence which stems out beyond the body and beyond time- we are our own Gods and Goddesses of our field. Karma is only action. And as the Ancients have said, suffering is the result of movement.


In my world suffering is also that result of non moment.

Karma does not determine your fate, it is you - with your mind and your will that determines your fate based upon your actions and reactions to things that happen in your world.

Because this child reacted to the broken vase by running away, the child "created" in that instance a response to fear of authority. A creation that will govern the child's life if this child never grows into the awareness as a God or Goddess, an awareness that is required if he or she is ever going to master what the mind creates.

We are the Directors of our own movie called life.

One of the greatest test to see how we really understand what we create as Gods and Goddesses is to ask ourselves what do we want for those who offend us? We want them to pay right? The Woman who is robbed of her purse wants the Mugger to go the jail. The Man whose $3,000 rims are stolen off his truck wants his Robbers beaten and then thrown into prison. The Woman who is raped by 5 Men wants them all killed. The Teacher who is assaulted by 12 of her Students wants them kicked out of school.

These are the laws of our own creation. We want karma. We create it with our minds. We create these laws each time we wish and hope for a blessing or curse to come about for someone else. The energy we spit out towards others has to fall on us first. How do we deal with the actions we wish for others?

Since this is a movie, the same laws apply. What does karma look like in a movie? If you watch enough of them you can just about predict most of the actions that will come about on the screen. This is because the stories haven't changed, just the story tellers have changed, not the stories. This means the same scripts have been around since eons and we've managed to tell the same stories each time around but differently.

In one area of time, perhaps you yourself played the role of a great spiritual leader whose story still determines the cultures of today. If you can see yourself as this great spiritual leader back then, and then judge the life you have now- if the life you have now seems lesser than the first experience- the next question might be- "what did I do wrong?" Meaning, if I had so much going in a previous lifetime why is my life like this now?

If that is your question, then perhaps you over looked a previous line. Since "this is a movie"- the same laws apply. If you get a coach seat on an airplane instead of a 1st class seat- it's doesn't mean something is wrong with you. It may not mean that is the only seat you can afford either. It means that is the experience you wanted, and perhaps it was a good idea to save most of your money for the travel destination and not the plane ride.

Karma is used incorrectly to explain incarnations. I must've done something terrible in a past life to have received the life I have now- most people will say. Is this also true for an Actor on screen? There are Soap Opera Actors who play the villains that get slapped and punched in public all the time. This is because the role they play is so convincing. Women who are seduced by the show can grow to hate the Actors themselves that play the Villains. The people they should really hate are the writers- the story tellers.

This is a story. We are no different than Actors in a movie or play. I selected my role, just as you selected yours. But it is a story we have selected for ourselves for some reason, only you know why you are telling this story. The story of your life is some form of communication and perhaps- dare I say - infinite evolutionary entertainment.

Proof that we are on stage, is the spotlight itself. The stars that shine on us, the Sun- even the lights of our eyes- project a current of recording memory that fuses all actions into a supercollective database.

Lights = karma = action.

If you are sitting in a coach seat near the window- like myself..then by now you should have realized that those in 1st class- are usually the first to die.
Or - the role we are playing now is evidence that we need a new agent, or travel agent.

Karma as it is taught by most spiritual Gurus, would have us think that we cannot change roles. This is not at all true. Because this would mean Gods and Goddesses are defined by their own laws. We are only defined by our laws when we allow a certain level of our consciousness to be defined by them. The higher self is not defined by laws, hence the term "higher self." The more synchronized we are with this higher self the more opportunities will show up from us to change roles.

This act of synchronization is taught to us by African spiritual systems, the dark arts, the magical occult, through art, music, singing- all of these mediums help us to reach the higher self that is beyond the laws of this construct.

How you reach that self is up to you, no one can determine the outcome of your story but you. Pay attention to your movie. Pay attention to the characters that exit and enter your stage and the messages and actions they bring with them. You have left yourself clues along your path. Watch for them. Be also conscious that we write our script as we move along with our minds. Not all thoughts point us in the right direction, not all thoughts are our own thoughts but thoughts that are stored already inside our bodies handed over to us by our Parents and older siblings. If you have chosen to make those thoughts your laws then a part of you is defined by those thoughts.

Many of us have created broken marriages and relationships because we didn't learn how to deal with the broken vases of our past. We can react to a broken vase the same way we react to a broken dream. Create a new one. It is within your power to do so.

Question everything that takes away power from self.
Can we "cheat" Karma?

As discussed in a previous thread "Who told you you were naked" - this holographic Universe is a direct result of how Gods and Goddesses perceive each other and their creations.

Bro. Istlota says: "If I am The Perceiver, the Creator of this Video Game called Life, why would I need Cheat Codes?" This question as well as his hypothesis speaks to our concept of "karma" as well as creation.

Let's examine this on a more practical level. Let's start first with the holographic Universe itself. How about this one? This very construct here that this forum is hosted on. This is the most practical version of a holographic Universe.

Where are the "cheat codes" in this place? Mother Destee knows clearly what they look like. This is when we choose to create different words that still read like profane words that are against the laws of this forum.

So let's ask that question again.

If I am "The Perceiver" - which you are, because you are the one watching reality from inside your head - "The Creator of this Video Game called Life" - now this is where we error. We are CO- creators in the game, not full creators of it. CO-Creators because we've chosen to create sub-levels of our consciousness which resulted in the ALL - becoming many.

Knowing that answers the next level of the question - "Why would I need cheat codes?"

We are Co-Creators of this forum, but we are not full Masters of this forum because this forum is a collective experience. In the holographic Universe, or in the Video Game- there are anomalies that result from our ignorance of our own awareness. Those anomalies can be taken advantage of by those who study the game. IE - those of us who can use different letters/glyphs to convey the same profane words.

The dark magician for example, is a person who willfully delves into that dark void, that ignorance, that chaos, that scattered unorganized unknown in order to manipulate it to their will. So far in history these magicians are the only ones who have successfully be able to "cheat" karma.


The reason being is their practice of escape has gone unchallenged. What goes around comes around, but sometimes what goes around disappears - it teleports itself into another dimension of being. The dark magician in many cases is a teleporter no different than the atoms themselves that make up reality.

Again, why do we need cheat codes? Why do we have a need to cheat karma when we are the ones who created our karma to begin with?

The reality is, we are creators. Regardless if those creations are judged as negative or positive, we are still creators - period. Those who choose to create words in this forum that still express their profane intent are still creators- creators going against the laws of this construct but creators nonetheless.


Have we considered that the act of avoiding karma is also an act of creation?
Perhaps the act of so-called "cheating karma" is an illusion itself. Just like video game programmers sometimes create "cheat codes" on purpose to give players a feeling of power and control. The Dark Magician will not give you the right to take vengeance on him/her for doing something that is within their power and will to do. The can however use an alchemical process to change your vengeance into something that is useful for them. That in fact is one of Hell's loopholes. The fact that some spirits enjoy pain and suffering and take pleasure in it.

The loop hole in karma is that past actions are controlled by memory and memory is controlled by present action.

Again. This is a movie - the same laws apply.

M.O.V.I.E = Memory Organizes Visions Into Experience.

So here's the break down of this concept on a practical level. The life you are living right at this present moment is the result of your soul memory. That memory is used to organize what your perception (visions) into what your experience.

IE - the mind cannot experience something it does not understand.

If you keep a collection of books, movies, crafts etc., around the home- what would someone summarize about you if they were to judge you based on those things? All of those things can be called your soul memory. There's a reason you are drawn to those books, movies, artwork on the wall, curtains. They all speak to a part of your being. Your room is also a result of your actions and karma. Your room IS your karma. How you suffer or take pleasure in that place is up to you.


You are experiencing a world of your own memory. Much like a movie that is scripted and filmed using props and actors- your life is also part of a script. A collective script at one end, an an individual soul script on the other.

The great debate however is that are we really individuals or just massive components of consciousness, spirits, Ancestors- experiencing this movie through an single frame of awareness?

We are Co-creators of the script out here, the one that has manifested, we are Co-Creators of the script within, because invisible spirits also add to that script- and perhaps at the smallest grain of being- we are sole Creators. Ultimately, we are still the Directors of our movie- because we select from what other Gods and Goddesses create as well.

If you decide to quit your job and move to some unknown island in the middle of nowhere at this present moment you can. That is - if that memory is already in you. The mind cannot create an experience it does not understand. Once you understand it, once you recall a memory of it- then you can perform that feat.

Yes you can cheat can start by cleaning up your room.
The following video may disturb you, and for good reason. It might be because of your soul memory, you might find yourself flinching at the sight of a snake trying to bite the camera and cameraman. As Black people we may have a connection with snakes that haven't been worked all the way through yet. Many of us fear them, and this is true for most Human beings that are traced to an indigenous race- all of course except White folks who just love toying and experimenting with dangerous animals. This is because they do not have the soul memory we do, and some will say they do not have souls altogether.

The next level of this video you should pay attention to is the fact that most snakes in Africa knew how to play dead. This is something that is often never discussed and we have yet to consider this aspect when we look at why our Ancestors selected serpents as spiritual symbols. In science this is called "extreme immobility" certain animals play dead as a way to cause their predators to lose interest. The predator will assume the animal died because it was sick and most Predators kill the food they eat as a precaution- something Humans should learn.

There are well over 21 types of serpents that perform extreme immobility as a way to defend themselves. Interesting, especially in this context. I've said before that "negative" karma can be avoided in this same way. "Playing dead" is also the same as acting as if you are suffering. You see we are the ones who send "negative karma" out to each other. Because we want those who offend us to pay. Yet very smart people have learned that by acting as if they are doing terrible in life those who wish them ill will feel justified. Think about that one.

Beyond that, this video is only for people who love snakes and understand how their consciousness is relative to our own. Acting "aloof" is also a way Humans play dead, acting as if they don't know what happened or how it happened. Are Black people dead, playing dead or are they acting aloof?

As a people it might be true that we are playing dead, giving our predators time to leave or die off. But it might be also true that as "Co-creators" we allowed our predators to come into being to use them as decoys for our negative karma.
Following the same theme of "karma" and how life itself is a "movie" we can take a look at the movie "Life" itself with Martin & Eddie. This movie actually has just about the same level of metaphysical concepts in it as the Matrix. Of course the concept of karma is an obvious one. Martin & Eddie's characters are framed by a White Cop for murdering a Black Man and they both end up in prison almost forever- until they make their big escape in the end.

What did they do wrong in a previous life?

These two never gave up trying to escape their imprisonment. They knew it was unfair to begin with. And this is precisely why the reason the concept of karma as it is taught around the world is unfair. Many times we are being framed by other groups that want us to believe something so that they can achieve more.

"What goes around comes around" works because we want it to work, we just don't want to work on us. We want it work when someone has offended us, but not when we have offended them. Unfortunately our creations don't work that way. And this is why "karma" is a problem for most people.

If you want vengeance for or against someone, create something you can deal with yourself. You don't want to send an energy that can be deflected and returned to you three fold. Wishing a long life & immortality for someone who is suffering though life - is actually a curse. But if that energy returns to you- someone who is not suffering through life- then you have escaped karma.

It's all in the nature of what you create.
In the case of "Life" the White Cop that framed Eddie & Martin gets shot and killed, but does this act pay for their long life in prison? How about all the Black Men who are framed for rape who are now being freed because of dna results? Can anything really give them back their time?

The point is, karma is most cases is an idea given to us so that we do not fight back or fight spiritually against things that are unfair in life. Karma is what it is however because we are creators and co-creators and we have created the law as a defensive mechanism against how other Gods and Goddesses create against us. The universe of our co-creation spirals in cycles and spheres so naturally the energy we project out will come back in time. The dark magician however already knows this, and has learned how to deflect that energy or teleport on a spiritual level away from it.

There are so many spirits who fight for the law to be active that fighting it can almost appear impossible. The best way is for us to create better memories this will help to change what we experience over time. Learning, reading, etc., are ways of changing memory- but those memories do not change unless we understand what we read and learn. The changing of memory will result in the changing of our perception thus will result in the changing of what we experience and the actions we perform within this movie.

Basically we have to learn better ways to write our script. We always want the good guy to win and you are the good guy. But these equations have dichotomies we need to consider, there is a dark side to all creations. When they go unnoticed they become the anomalies spoken of earlier. Many of us are seduced and controlled by the act of wanting to be the "good guy" in every aspect of life.

Eddie and Martin represent this dichotomy whereas Martin was more the good guy and Eddie the bad guy, but look- they were both in the same situation- no better than the other. The truth is they were never really able to put their minds together to escape until they very end, in the entire movie they spent more time in conflict therefore none of their plans worked.

The message of course is that even good/bad dark/light are illusions- it all depends on our memory and how our minds are trained to perceive our reality. Going beyond the holographic Universe that depends on memory in order to operate we find seas of pure potential that fluctuate into randomness at infinite speeds. What it is and how is appears depends on what we can take from it.


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