Black Short Stories : Lightning and Water

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    “Wynne Devreaux.”

    “Wynne as in Wine?”

    “That’s right.”

    “Please follow me. Mr. Gallow is out of his office at this moment. But he left instructions to show you in as soon as you arrived.”

    Wynne followed the receptionist into the office. It was huge, that was her first impression, huge and very classy. It was a classically designed office, the oak paneling, the heavy books in the shelves, the amazing wood floor, the warm lights from the Italian lamps and the heavy masculine desk on the Persian rugs. The room looked important and official.

    “Please, make yourself comfortable.” The middle aged woman pointed to a beautiful carved chair by the looming desk. “Is there anything that I can get you, Coffee, Tea, Juice?”

    “Maybe some grapefruit juice.” I asked smiling thankfully.

    “Of course.” And she turned back towards the door.

    “Excuse me, before you leave. DO you know when Mr. Gallow will be expected back?”

    “He won’t be long Ms. Devreaux. He had to go upstairs to sort out a few things.”

    Like what? Wynne thought as Ms. Winters left the room, fire someone. Wynne was absolutely nervous. She had received the summoning yesterday at the end of the working day. It had been the talk of the whole department all morning. Being summoned by the boss was never a good thing. Wynne had never met him personally she had seen him on business functions, and sometimes he dropped by her department to “check on things”. He was a very intimidating man. A very feared and respected business man. He had been on the cover of Forbes and other business magazines several times. He was also one of the top ranking wealthiest men, not only black men in America. He owned a network of businesses dealing in the Hotel resorts and supermarkets arena. His Company Apis Enterprise owned the most elite chains of Hotels in the world, “Hathor resorts”. Which fanned all over the world in the most exotic and most beautiful places. He also owned “Legends” a Chain of Super grocery stores, both nationally and internationally. He was a ruthless businessman and was known for his cut throat business tactics and his generosity and innovative business ventures. He was 36-years old a prodigy at a very young age, he had finished Harvard at age 17, started working as a top executive for “Monroe Incorporated”, his now rival at age 19, started his own business at 25 and was the third leading company in his market at age 34. He was a house hold name and somewhat of a celebrity, he had married the daughter of an oiling Company at ten years ago, they had two kids together. Wynne had seen Henrietta Cole Gallows on several occasions as she was an executive at Apis Enterprise and was her direct boss. Wynne worked in the Landscaping and design department, which was headed by Henrietta Cole Gallows. Both women had never seen eye to eye on anything. Wynne had worked there two years and both had bumped heads on more then several occasions. Mrs. Gallows was a cold straight to the rules kind of woman. While Wynne was more hot headed and independent, she did things her way and they worked better that way. Mrs. Gallows was ten years older than Mr. Gallows and almost twenty years Wynne’s Senior. So it had been almost natural for both women to have differences in their opinion. Mrs. Gallows had threatened Wynne a thousand times to fire her, but never followed up with the plan because Wynne brought a lot to the table. Her designing skills, her innovative ideas, and her fashion sense was hailed throughout the company. Her flamboyant personality her flare for revealing clothes and her unique business tactics were almost always the talk of the office. This was her first month in the Isis building. This was the headquarters for Apis enterprise, she had been moved after a long feud over Hotel room curtains with Henrietta. Mrs. Gallows had finally followed through with her threats, though not exactly firing Wynne, she had demoted her instead to the Accounting section of the Landscapes and design department. Wynne was already known through out this building in less then a week, everyone knew her. She had been involved in an argument with the Landscapes and Design Accounting chief on the first day. Mr. Fysh had tried to embarrass her when she turned up for work in a cream angled cut satin skirt and a back less and shoulder less matching top. It was a beautiful outfit designed by her sister. Deva was the designer of most of Wynne’ outfit. He had threatened to send her home and all but called her a **** and she had called him a frigid anal washer and told him to kiss ***, cause she would wear whatever she pleased. He had confronted her in front of the whole office, so everyone heard when she embarrassed him and sent him back to his office with his tail between his legs, calling for his secretary to put Mrs. Gallows on line.

    Wynne sat in the office thinking that maybe she had pushed too hard this time. She hard the voice of a man outside talking to Ms. Winters.

    “Is she in my office?” It was Mr. Gallows.

    “Yes sir.”

    “How long has she been waiting?”

    “About Five minutes sir. Sir you have six messages, one of them from the South African project manager and one from your wife, she said you should call her when you got in.”

    “Hold all my calls, I don’t want to be disturbed.”

    “Yes sir.”

    Wynne heard the door open. She stood up, turned around with her hands out ready to greet him. He was even more striking closer up. He was a black man, black like coal, beautiful skin, and bold bone structure. He was a tall man around 6’3 hard and arresting stature. His posture was regal exuding confidence and authority. He was in a three-piece suit, which made him look even more dangerous and authoritative. His eyes were a funny shade of coffee green, which against his dark skin added to his mysterious raw aura.
    His gripe was firm and encompassing, swallowing the whole of Wynne’s hands.

    “Please sit, I hope you haven’t been waiting that long for me. I had to terminate an employees services.”

    Wynne sat back down she knew it. Crossing her ankles and pulling the hem of her skirt a little lower she took a sip from the drink Ms. winters had provided her with. She had decided to go a little more conservative this morning with a light blue spaghetti strapped sundress.

    He sat down like a King in his thrown, crossing his hands and leaning forward.

    “I guess you are wondering why I called you to my offices.”

    “I gave it some thought.” That was a huge understatement. It had been all she could think about since she received the news.

    “Excuse me for a second.” He removed his jacket, revealing a very muscular set of arms in his shirt.

    Wynne gulped down some more grapefruit juice and forced her eyes away. He pulled out a file from under a pile of papers. The cream folder had her name printed on it. Wynne clutched her hands, this job might not be so much fun right now, but it was an excellent source of income for her right now. And she had plans on getting position back, which she loved, she didn’t want to be “let go.” He opened the file, taking a pair of glass on the table and putting than back on. The transformation made him look more human and less supreme.

    “I see you have been working for my company for little over two years.”

    “That’s right.”

    “You came straight to us from design school.”

    “Also correct.”

    “So you didn’t have a previous employer prior to boarding on at Landscape and Designs.”

    “True.” She couldn’t tell what he was thinking, his expression was hard to read. She wanted to tell him to get to the point already, because she was already starting to feel nauseated.

    “You became head designing consultant within the first year you started working for us.”


    “I see here you closed some of out major supplier accounts.”

    “The Rose bush and Celtic accounts.”

    “I also see that you have been moved to accounting little under s month ago. Who authorized this transition.” He lowered his glass to the bridge of his nose digging her with his eyes.

    “Mrs. Gallows.” Wynne stated. She almost thought she saw a flash in his eyes when she said that, but dismissed it when he put his glasses back on and looked over her file again.

    “Do you like it here.”

    It was a trick question she thought if she said no, he would probably fire her and if she said yes, he would probably keep her there for the rest of her career.

    “It’s a challenge.”

    “Be straight with me Ms. Devreaux, and don’t beat around the bush. Do you like your position? It is a simple enough question.”

    “Like I said it is a challenge. I have just been moved to another office and I am still adjusting.” Wynne said stoically. If he thought he could bully her or intimidate her had another thing coming.

    He looked taken aback as she said that. Like no one had ever stood up against him before.

    “So you are happy with challenges and this new position, even though demeaning and insulting to your talents and creativity suits you?”

    “Uh-“ Wynne was thrown back by the question. Maybe he was trying to terminate her after all.

    “Well if that’s the case that will be all.” He replied closing my file.

    “The position is depressing. I hate it and I want me old job back.” Wynne spat out leaning on the desk.

    “That is what I taught.” He smiled.

    “You are a very valued member of my task force. Your work is highly regarded not only by our customers but also our competitors.”
    “Thank you.” Wynne replied. Siting back in the chair crossing her legs and feeling more comfortable. “I try to do my best.”

    “You are the best and Henrietta is a fool for not realizing that.” Wynne’s eyes widened. “But if she doesn’t want you in her department you will begin working for me directly.” Wynne’s eyes widened again.

    “As what?”

    “As my executive design consultant.”

    Again, Wynne’s eyes widened. “But that means I will be in the position to supercede exceed Mrs. Gallows authority.”

    “That’s right.”

    This time her mouth fell open. “But does she agree, will she let me?”

    “This is my company Ms Devreaux, Mrs. Gallows doesn’t run it.”


    “-But nothing will you accept the job or not?”

    “Of course I will, I’m not mad.”

    “Well I didn’t think you were either.” He replied with a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips. He had full suckable lips Wynne thought having difficulty removing her eyes. “As you know there will be a new branch opened in South Africa.”

    “Yes I worked on the landscaping and the layout.”

    “In two weeks I will be flying over there for the phase three inspection. Making sore everything is going according to plan and changing the anything that needs changing or improving. You will be going with me along with a pre-selected group of department leaders.”

    “But I am not a department leader.”

    “Yes you are right, you are not. You are my personal Design and landscape advisor.”

    The word personal rang like a loud bell. “What about Mrs. Gallow?” I asked skeptically.

    “She will be among the members going of course.”

    “Of course.” I repeated with some doubt that she would give into to her husband giving me such a position so easily.

    “You will be provided with a new office on this level floor, across the hallway from me.” Was he serious she thought. “You will be provided with the needed information and instructions so you are able to do your job. Your knew job description will be on your desk by tomorrow for you to sign and all other details will be taken care of by you own personal assistant which you will be provided with.”

    “This is too much.” Wynne gasped, she had prepared to be fired and her she was been given an executive position”

    “What, you cannot handle it?” He asked with a scowl on his face.

    “No, no I mean yes I can handle it. It’s just that this whole thing is a surprise.” Wynne said gesturing extravagantly with her hands. “I came her expecting to get demoted again if not fired and instead I am being handed by dream job again, only better.”

    “Well I wasn’t getting along with Fysh either.” Wynne replied smiling.

    “Oh I see.” He said smiling. His smile was nothing short of breath taking. The creases around his eyes and lips softened his face. “Well that will be all, Ms. Winters has everything set up for you, she will show you the ropes.”

    “Thank you very much Mr. Gallow. I appreciate this opportunity and I swear I won’t disappoint you or let you down.” Wynne said standing as he stood shaking those big hands vigorously.

    “You better not” He replied still smiling.

    Wynne turned around and began exiting the room. She felt his eyes on her *** as she was leaving, so she gave him something more to appreciate as she walked a little slower and more sensual. Closing the door she had a huge smile on her face, things were starting to look up.
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    This is real good. I loved it and can't wait for the next part. Do you know I started to call myself "Wynne" for my stage name? Funny isn't it.
    Be blessed.
    ~Earthly Allure
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    “Are you serious?”

    “Hell yeah, he offered me an executive position.”

    “**** Wynne you have to be joking.”

    It was Wynne’s lunch break and she was at the Italian café across the street from Apis Headquarters with Varnel Dixton.

    “Nope” Wynne replied digging her fork into her salad. You are sitting down with an Apis enterprise exec. Wynne said smugly.

    “God you are a lucky *****.” Varnel said enviously.

    “It has nothing to do with luck, I deserve this position, when I was in landscapes and designs I was the one who was the majority of the work, mine and Henrietta’s.”

    “So you got the meet him face to face. Is he as fine as everyone says?”

    “Better” They both laughed and gave each other a high five.

    “Sis is going up in the world, don’t forget a brother now.”

    “I get to choose my own assistant.” Wynne slipped in causally, knowing that Varnel would love to work in the Isis building as an exec assistant. That had been Wynne’s old position when she was working in landscapes and design. Varnel’s current position was on the research and development team, he hated it.

    “Oh, oh, pick me, pick me.” He replied clapping his hands enthusiastically.

    “I don’t know Varnel, can you handle it?” Wynne teased.

    “Girl don’t play with me.” He threatened. “You know we work well together I was practically your assistant in L&D anyway don’t give hypertension, come on!”

    “I thought you liked your position” Wynne asked trying to keep a serious face.

    “Wynne” said Varnel sternly “I have to get this position. I have to.”

    “Why?” Wynne asked in a more serious note. “You will probably have to work ten times harder than you are working already.”

    “I can deal with that. I’m not afraid of hard work.” All of a sudden, he looked serious. “Alex lost his job.”

    “When?” Wynne asked totally surprised. “Why didn’t you say anything.”
    “The company was laying people off left and right. He was just in the way.” Varnel reached over the table grabbing Wynne’s hands. “We need the extra money for our wedding. We have already ordered everything, there’s no turning back.”

    “But why didn’t you tell me. You could have asked me for help. You know I love you and Alex you’re like my younger brothers.”

    “I’m asking you know. I need that job Wynne. It will solve nearly all my problems.” Wynne looked at him, he was tense with desperation.

    “You know you have already got the job Varnel. I was only teasing.”

    “What about Henrietta.”

    “What about Henritta. What has she got to do with this?”

    “She won’t like it. She hates you and I’m sure it wasn’t her idea to give a position above hers.” Varnel said as a matter of fact.

    “So.” Wynne replied, picking up her fork again.

    “So?” Varnel said with flare. “So she won’t just rest aside and let you take someone from her department. No matter how dispensable I am. She will use me to get to you.”

    “Maybe you have a point.”

    “You are **** right I have a point. Maybe I’m just getting overly excited for nothing.” Varnel slumped back into his chair.

    “Mr. Gallow said I could have whom ever I want, and I want you. Screw Henrietta. You are the only person who can do the job. It’s done. He either takes me and you or nothing.” And she meant it.

    “I love you Wynne.”

    After lunch, Wynne went back to her office. Ms. Winters was waiting outside for her.

    “Ms. Devreaux, Mr. Gallows wants me to give you these files to look through. So you can be up to date with the South African project. He also asked me to tell you that there will be a dinner meeting tonight at the Russian Tea Room for the executives going to South Africa. Of course you are expected to be there.”

    “Of course” Wynne said. She wasn’t actually listening she was still thinking about what Varnel said about Henrietta. She opened the door to her office. It was two offices in one. The outside office was reserved for her assistant and the mush bigger one was hers. Ms Winters was still behind her.

    “Um, Ms. Winters I have decided on the person to be my Assistant.” Wynne said putting down her bag on the table and picking up the phone.”

    “Oh really that will be excellent. Mr. Gallows will be pleased to hear how well you are getting on.”

    “I will be needing a release and an exchange form.” She said to Ms. Winters.

    “As soon as I get to my desk. I will have someone send it to you.” Ms. Winters replied as she headed out the door.

    “Thank you.” Wynne called out. The Phone picked up.

    “Apis Enterprise, Landscape and Designs. Ms Gallows office.”

    “Hello Justin, its me Wynne. I want to speak with Henrietta.”

    “Oh Wynne sup love, how you doing. I heard about your promotion. It’s the talk of the whole office. How did you do it?”

    “You know the usual.” Wynne said smiling.

    “Oh you naughty girl!” Justin squeaked.

    “Is Henritta there? I want to speak to her.”

    “Yes but she is made. She made Sophia cry a minute ago. Cause she mistakenly brought her the wrong file.”

    “Put me through.”

    “Okay but I warned you. Hold up a second.” After a slight break, Henritta picked up the phone.

    “And to what do I owe this pleasure.” Her voice was drenched in ice.

    “Hello to you too Henrietta. I want you to release Varnel Dixton from your office. I want him as my assistant.” There was a moment of quiet. Then a high-pitched voice rang through the earpiece.

    “No seriously Wynne what do you want.”

    “I’m serious.” Wynne replied firmly. “Mr. Gallow is allowing me to pick my own assistant and I want Varnel. You don’t need him. You have Katie, Chi Chi and Fabial”

    “Young lady do not relay to me what my husband is allowing you to do or not do. This is my department, I am in charge of this department.”

    “I know Henritta, but there is no way you can tell me with a straight face that you need Varnel. He was working as my assistant when I was in L&D. He doesn’t do anything now that I am no longer there. It makes logical sense, don’t spite him to get to me. Isn’t fair.”

    “It has nothing to do with spit Ms. Devreaux. Varnel Dixton stays with me and that’s the end of it. If you want an assistant then maybe I can spare you George Wallace.”

    “Don’t do me any favors. You know **** well that George cannot do the degree of work Varnel can. The guy doesn’t know the difference between a square and a circle.”

    “Well I tried to help you. If that is all.”

    “Please Henrietta.” Wynne pleaded

    “Its very unattractive for a lady to beg. I wouldn’t give you Varnel if all he did was bring me coffee and parked my car. If you think that this new position of yours qualifies you to interfere in my departmental business you have another thing coming. Your job is nothing but a title and the only reason you have that job is because my husband has a soft spot for Whores. Don’t count on having that position for much longer. By the time I am through with you, the whole world will know you for the fraud and phony that you are. Goodbye Wynne have a good day.” And she hung up.

    Wynne’s reaction was to call her back and tell her what she really thought of her. However, a nervous young boy who had brought her the release and exchange form interrupted her. She filled it out for Varnel Dixton and called the mailing office to come and pick it up and send it to Mr. Gallows.

    The rest of the she spent her time forming new schedules, reading through memos and development forms. She managed to get a bit of work done and she also had time to sketch a plan for redecorating her office. As she was about to leave for the day, she received a phone call.

    “Ms. Devreaux.” It was Mr. Gallows. She felt her heart flutter, she reprimanded herself mentally and reminded herself that he was married to her ex-boss.

    “Mr. Gallows I hope nothing is wrong.”

    “No I called to make sure you would be at the Russian Tea Room tonight the project manager will be in town and he will be able to keep us up to speed with who everything is going. Also it will give you the opportunity to meat your fellow workers.”

    “I haven’t forgotten. 7:00 right.”

    “Yes, I will have a car come and pick you up.”

    “No, that will not be necessary I have a car.” She replied

    “I insist. A car will be outside your apartment at 7:00pm sharp.”

    “Well in that case, let me give you my address.”

    “That will not be necessary you address is on record. See you later on tonight Ms. Devreaux.” And he hung up the phone.
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    Thank You...a coinsidence, i knew someone called Wynne once upone a time. Thanks for reading
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    very very nice story love how u pose it to canvas
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    in your atmosphere...
    KWASSSIIII is that chu!!! nice story...this is MAD COW
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    No problem. I can't wait for pt. 2
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    so many good things going on n this story 2 hold our interest & pique our curiosity. so many directions u can flo n & gr8 potential 4 drama & conflict.

    enjoyed reading this piece :toast: