Black Poetry : Lighter than Expected


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Feb 8, 2006
Knoxville, tn
there was confusion in Eve's eyes

she was desperately trying to get her dough to rise

but it wouldn't

it couldn't be

Martha White told her that adding yeast could help her see

[somewhere in the Lincoln sea]

1st mate :

so, how long do you think we’ll be stuck

[howard shakes his head]

howard :

i was hoping for better luck

1st mate :

she’s still love-struck

[Howard nods]

how is she coping?

howard :

Anaheim Ducks

1st mate :


howard :

she loves those guys

1st mate :

maybe you should buy a hockey puck

[Howard shrugs]

maybe …

[somewere in Luck Wisconsin]

bob :

there you go passing the buck again

gary :

i’m telling you Eve & that guy are just friends

bob :

pass the Donald duck

and how do you figure that?

gary :

i just know

bob :

well, if you ask me, I think he snuck into her heart

gary :

if he did, He must have a lot of charm

bob :

enough to fill up three pickup trucks from what i hear

she was a sittin duck

[back at Eve’s]

no need for alarm, I’ll figure this out

i told him my feathers were already plucked

but he continued to shout I love you

what was I supposed to do?

then it struck Eve

what if he succeeded

before he struck out?

would she have conceded

that he stuck his neck out for …. ?

[front door opens]

brad :

honey I’m home

eve :

i’m in here honey

[enters the kitchen]

brad :

what are you making?

eve :

cinnamon rolls

brad :

smells good

give me a kiss


i’ll be in the backyard if you need me

eve :

okay sweetie

[Brad exits]

see Howard, my waters receded

and soon yours will too

but the more she kneeded

the more she needed

her husband


eve & howard


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