Black Poetry : Light & Love II

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017

in heaven the stage is set for all the whole host of players to take their place
not about perfection but we are being perfected daily by his love
as a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of love to behold an open door
when I was yound I used to dream many dreams as if a fantasy
now those days are gone but I still look on to when I was young having fun
life is filled with twists and turns one heart soars the other will burn
its in the sanctity amidst the calamity that he provides to thee
we all need a shoulder to cry with a tender message to answer why
many hide behind the garb of false compromise can't they see through its twisted lies
yet he still provides yet doesn't work as a steeple or ringing the bell
or a salesmen telling you something you want to here no
his love was such that he suffered so much just to cause some of us to follow

love is the quaint interpretation of a dream set to fancy
gone are the days with both Sid & Nancy
to be on the cutting edge of laughter to the supreme
we are living in a land so very mean where people scream
the slamming of the door filled with tempers of fire blown up in its fullest of desire
we fight, push & war
all seems to be a will for power & nothing more
love is the sweet essence of my inner existence learn to shun the resistance at every circumstance...
love has gained a rich way of expressing what to say
it implodes through dreams falling apart at the seams
giving people something to grasp amidst the aftermath
love is a flame it lights the way on a beautiful flower display
the ever given chance at which to humbly bow the knee to pray
God is the light the sure fire way that will lead you from sight

light & love
bringing down fire from above as distributed through a hug
the notion of better days to come as you feel comfortably numb
with each human heart will shall light the spark to where we need to go
life is filled with surprises out of many circumstances
some have chosen a rose that was plucked long before
others are destined for the resolve of so much more
yet both paths can be met halfway as if the mere notion has taken you away
in time we shall shine as two forces of graduer
as if a swifting but silent flowing river
remember that God is the giver and we are merely its receiver
there can be a balance of power as you may equate logic for fear
sullen brevity leads to mediocre tears


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