Omowale Jabali : Light Beings Myth or Reality?

Do Light Beings Exist In This World?

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Omowale Jabali

The Cosmic Journeyman
Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
Creative Industrialist
I am convinced, be it nonsense perhaps, that some of the reasons that Spiritual Unification is nearly impossible has to do with the fact that there is the presence among us of Light Beings from outside of the Sun's Solar System who have incarnated and are waging spiritual warfare with each other. Some come as guides who seek to warn the inhabitants of Planet Earth of impending doom if we dont change our ways, some are among us to create Chaos, some come to dominate us, some come for other reasons known only to them. some are known as Annunaki. Some as the Nommo.Some are known as Sirians, Pleideans, Andromedans, Typhonians, Draconions, etc.

Any thoughts?
I am convinced, be it nonsense perhaps, that some of the reasons that Spiritual Unification is nearly impossible has to do with the fact that there is the presence among us of Light Beings from outside of the Sun's Solar System who have incarnated and are waging spiritual warfare with each other. Some come as guides who seek to warn the inhabitants of Planet Earth of impending doom if we dont change our ways, some are among us to create Chaos, some come to dominate us, some come for other reasons known only to them. some are known as Annunaki. Some as the Nommo.Some are known as Sirians, Pleideans, Andromedans, Typhonians, Draconings, etc.

Any thoughts?

I understand that existence is intelligent way before the action of what we term man. However there is a big gap in the understanding of the unseen. Right now we have it being just ether . when the reality is there may be several phases of realignment before this etherical state is achieved. I have been struggling with the concept of some independant being working out side of what i have formulated as my law of existence. I have been trying to look at them as sub atomic particules because anything atomic is perceivable . However when one goes to subatomic things become alot more dense and heavy although we are not aware of it. However this fact is verfied when we attempt to run and feel the resistance of this matter when we speed up. Friction is caused and the heat rises. If it is not explainable it puts it in the realm of spooky wooky and thier aint no thing spooky wooky bout neter. However i hope i am wrong cause having some one out there who could be on my side sure makes me feel better hotep. lol

You said "I have been struggling with the concept of some independent being working out side of what i have formulated as my law of existence."

Lol, I truly symathise because I struggle with the opposite! everything has always existed as an independent variable!


I believe in these ‘beings’ and have heard them referred to as the Watchers, the Ancient ones, the Shining ones or the Luminous ones. I came to learn more about them while investigating the reasons behind the different personalities of the Yahweh of the New Testament who is a god of mercy, and undying love and the Yahweh of the Old Testament, who demanded blood, from animals and sacrifices and was extremely jealous and quick to anger.

During my travels, I came across a theory that suggested they were two different gods. Another theory hinted that the Yahweh of the Old Testament was a dragon –a fire breathing real dragon (there are verses in the Bible which lend weight to this argument) and this led to the Annunaki and eventually other forms of life e.g.

Thiaoouba - who are supposedly as evolved as Jesus Christ and Buddha who can live millions of earth years. They're said to be one of the oldest and most advanced races in the universe.

or the Koldasians who are slightly more advanced than us. They live about 150-200 years (interesting to note that we Earthlings live from 70 to 140 years). Koldasians are said to be another pacifist race just like the Pleiadians.

I could be wrong but always thought that unification will never happen because of the warfare between lunar and solar cults.

Below is an article you may find to be of interest.

The Lacondon were told that when we start losing sunspots we will begin to receive radiation. The Lacondon were told to measure so many cycles of Venus and then to go into the ground, for the earth will protect them from
the radiation… It is when the full radiation of the Sun is hitting the Earth that the population drops drastically. This is what the Mayan calendar warns about the year 2012—it’s the end of a large cycle that started in 3113 B.C.
-Paul Duarte

Duarte’s insights are very similar to what the Masters of Moorish Science are saying about the solar radiation that, over the next 150 years, will cause millions of people who lack significant amounts of melanin to suffer from severe mental illness, rapid aging, and cancer. White people are not a part of the next step in evolution. White people do not have what it takes to survive on this planet when the Sun God is reborn and the 26,000 year precession/solar radiation causes the Moors to mutate.

The fate of the whites in the post-2012 world is best expressed by quoting J.A. Rogers. In 1919, in As Nature Leads, J.A. Rogers declared: “Belief and conventions are products of the environment. With the Africans, ghosts and signs of illness are white […] Paleness in man or plant means lack of vigor. The bleaching out of man or plant means its progress towards decay […] A white skin is unfit not only for the tropics but for summer temperature of northern climes, which often causes it to blister, while a black or brown skin is unaffected. In the South, the skin of the whites, even of young girls tends to become parched and to crack especially on the wrists and the nape of the neck. On the napes of some Southerners may be seen regular criss-crosses of dirt accompanied sometimes by ugly blotches of brown. I wonder whether this is the origin of the term, “cracker” […] Black is more justly an emblem of purity than white. While white is fleeting, black represents durable purity. One so strong as to absorb or repel other colors, the other, the slightest touch and it is no more.”

The inferior constitution of the whites has not only been noted by J.A. Rogers. It is a scientific fact. In Melanin: The Chemical Key to Black Greatness the chemist Carol Barnes states: “The albino (white man) has numerous body defects due to the lack of the genetics to produce eumelanin. Their melanocytes, melanosomes, and mast cells, etc., do not contain the proper catalyst concentration, chemical reactivity, and/or electrical charge needed to produce significant levels of eumelanin in various melanin centers throughout their bodies. They produce less effective lower molecular weight melanin called phaeomelanin or pseudomelanin. Therefore, their organs and systems which depend upon melanin to work effectively do not operate well and may suffer numerous disorders such as rapid aging, cancer, poor physical and mental capabilities, low morals, racism, etc.”

There are also the words of Dr. Richard King. In African Origins of Biological Psychiatry Dr. Richard King states: “Melanin is produced in cells named melanocytes, cells that originate from the neural cress (embryonic structure from which the brain and nervous system develop). The melanocytes, which greatly resemble nerve cells in appearance, move into the deep skin layers (dermis) of embryos by 10 to 12 weeks. Inside the melanocytes, there are capsules named melanosomes which contain the actual melanin pigment, a protein polymer. Later, the melanin pigment is transferred from the melanocyte to regular skin cells, keratnocytes. Within the keratnocytes melanin is located around the cell nucleus to protect the nuclei’s genetic material from destruction by ultraviolent sunlight radiation (290-320 nanometer wave length). The harmful effects of ultraviolent radiation on skin with less melanin are severe and include accelerated aging and skin cancer. All albino Cuna Indians living at the equator develop skin cancer by age seven. All white children living in the New Guinea highlands on the equator also develop skin cancer before puberty […] By lacking a predominance of skin color, white people have fewer defenses against diseases, less efficient body energy metabolism, reduced potential for extrasensory-emotional powers, and less viable organs for sexual reproduction.”

Soon the equator will not be the only place where the pasty whites are in great danger. In the post-2012 world anyone who lacks large amounts of melanin in his or her body is doomed because there is nothing that can stop global warming and all the apocalyptic events that will soon come to pass. The truth of the matter is that the Sun is about to cleanse the Earth of all those who have genetic recessive traits. That people white will soon be extinct is the talk behind closed doors of many in the scientific community. The only reason why it is not on the news is that the leaders of the world do not wish to cause mass hysteria.

To give you an idea as to what the scientific community is saying about the times we live in, I can do no better than quote Lawrence E. Joseph. In Apocalypse 2012, Joseph, the chairman of the board of the Aerospace Consulting Corporation in New Mexico, declares: “Being of Lebanese descent and therefore somewhat dark-skinned, I’ve always had a rather arrogant attitude toward the sun - problems associated with it were what white folks had to worry about […] An increase of as little as 0.5 percent in the Sun’s energy output would be enough to… ditto our skin, with spikes in cancer and other radiation diseases. Having reported on science and nature for more than twenty years, I expected roadblocks in researching this bizarre solar behavior. Famous institutions would naturally be loath to associate their names with such a potential devastating subject as the changing Sun, for the very good reason that their stamp of authority might cause panic in certain quarters. So I was taken aback to find that the Max Planck Institute, Germany’s equivalent of MIT and CalTech, had conducted a number of studies conforming that the Sun hasn’t been this turbulent for 11,000 years at least. Ever since the 1940s, and in particular since 2004, solar activity levels have been off the charts. We could be zapped at any moment.”

Melanin is the key to understanding the evolution of man. This is so because only people with large amounts of melanin in their bodies have the ability to alchemically turn 26,000 year old ultraviolent light into pure bio-genetic potential. Those who do not possess superior genes are destined to perish in the solar radiation that will start entering Earth’s atmosphere in 2012. In Native American culture, the sun god that is reborn in 2012 is represented by the Feathered Serpent; the black-faced divinity the writings of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima reveal is one of the many guises of Horus, the god the dark dynasties of Egypt worshiped in the form of the serpent Set-Typhon.
Like the Native American prophecies that predict the decline of

Anglo-American “civilization” after 2012, The Book of the Law predicts the annihilation of the white “race” and the resurrection of Osiris, which is symbolized by the opening of the Eye of Heru; a highly evolved pineal gland producing extraterrestrial states of consciousness in the mind’s of Africans, Asians, Arabs, Hispanics, and Native Americans. In The Magical Revival Kenneth Grant states: “According to Crowley, the New Aeon will establish full Solar Consciousness in mankind.” To achieve full Solar Consciousness one must have brown or red skin; one must be a direct descendant of the black-headed people mentioned in all the creation stories; one must be a true representative of the hue-man race.

The 93 Current and Moorish Science are not the only places where one will find these types of apocalyptic teachings. Full Solar Consciousness is also what the Mayan Reconstructionists believe the Chosen Ones will achieve in the post-2012 world. In 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl Daniel Pinchbeck states: “The so-called sun worship of the Maya and ancient Egypt was actually the recognition and acknowledgement that higher knowledge and wisdom is literally being transmitted through the Sun, or more precisely, through the cycles of the binary sunspot movements. Arguelles proposed that the Tozlkin, their 260-day ceremonial calendar, was the basis of Mayan esoteric technology, linking them to vast cosmic cycles and evolutionary patterns.”

There are also the insights of John Major Jenkins, which in my opinion really help us to understand what will cause the hue-man race to take the next step in evolution. In Galactic Alignment Jenkins states: “In his 1937 article called “Cosmecology: A Theory of Evolution,” Reiser exposed the blind spots in Darwin’s theory of evolution, noting that “little progress was made in connection with the problem of the origin of biological mutations until the important work of Muller on the effect of X-rays in producing those changes. As evidenced in the geological record, evolution has advanced in spurts rather than by means of the gradual changes… this data was fitted into Darwinian Theory by coining the term punctuated evolution. Modern-day cataclysmologists point to random acts such as asteroid strikes to explain punctuated evolution […] Reiser didn’t believe that the universe could evolve planetary systems and conscious beings through such random acts. Concluding that evolution was primarily stimulated by periodic increases in cosmic rays, he searched for a cosmic source of enhanced mutational rays that was regular and periodic […] We know that the ozone hole is growing, and the average temperatures across the United States are expected to rise five to eight degrees […] Punctuated evolution is always bad news to 90 percent of the living beings that are around when it happens. Perhaps the increased “heat” or radiation that is expected for us will indeed damage or even kill many, but a small percentage may end up enhanced with new faculties and abilities.” One should keep in mind that Jenkins is writing from the perpective of a white man. Hence, the solar radiation he notes that will start entering the Earth’s atmosphere in 2012 will definitely kill many in the 21st and 22nd centuries, but this “many” will mostly be made up of people with recessive genetic defects. The people who end up surviving as a result of genetic mutation will be nobody else but those who throughout the ages have been called the Children of the Sun.

Decades before the theories of Reiser, Aleister Crowley’s spiritual experiences led him to believe that precession would result in the resurrection of the Sun God and that the world age that witnessed the rise of the white Christian male would come to an end. That Aleister Crowley’s New Aeon of Horus is all about people of color taking the next step in evolution is proven by the fact that the extraterrestrial being that appeared to him in Cairo in 1904 described itself as the “minister of Hoor-paar-kraat.” Hoor-paar-kraat is another name for the African-Egyptian god Bes.

So that the ultimate message of 93 Current is comprehended by all, please allow me the pleasure of sharing with you what Dr. Richard King has to say about the Egyptian god Bes. In African Origins of Biological Psychiatry Dr. Richard King states: “Also, Albert Churchward and Wallace Budge have shown that the oldest Egyptian god was Bes, an African Pygmy or Twa person. “Bes here has the same type of face as the Pygmy,” the first god anthromorphically depicted; it is the primitive human form of Horus I, Bes-Horus being the earliest type of the Pygmy Ptah. The human type was not given to any other before Ptah, so that (Bes) shows that the ancient Egyptians left an indelible proof in their mythology of their decent from the first human, which was the Pygmy. These little people have some of the principle features of the earliest mythology of old Egypt. Bes, who was at a later date made to represent a type of Horus I, was at first their “Chief of the Nomes,” and it was from these Pygmies that the first mythology of Egypt sprung […] Thus we find out that they came from the south of the land of Punt […] In regards to the homeland of the ancient Pygmy or Twa people, Maspero said that “all that lay beyond Punt was a void or intermediate boundary land between the world of men and that of the gods---the island where the living came into contact with the souls of the departed […] The Holy Land of the ancient Egyptians was named holy because it was the birthplace of man. The Khui Land, great lakes region of Africa at the head of the Nile, is the birthplace of the ancestors of the Egyptians; the so-called Pygmy or Twa People, parent of all humanity.”

There is no other way of looking at the matter. The Bes of 93 Current symbolizes the magicians of pre-dynastic Egypt and Sumer. In Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God Grant says that Hoor-paar-Kraat is “the dwarf god identified by Crowley with the solar-phallic energies of the subconsciousness, whose minister is Aiwass.” The “solar-phallic energies” noted by Crowley could very well be a reference to the pre-historic mutant gene that resurfaces as a result of 26,000 precession/solar radiation. The pre-historic mutant gene present in the blood of Africans, Asians, Arabs, Hispanics, and Native Americans connects the Bes to the Black Solar Power or Beast of the post-2012 world. In The Magical Revival Kenneth Grant states: “The beast is that which transforms, evolves or emerges from the past (cf. Pasht, a form of Bast, the Mother Goddess). Besz was regarded as the Great Magician, he who transformed from beast to the man. In Egyptian, the name Besz actually means to transform. Thus the Beast is the type of Magick or change. The formula of the Beast is also the formula of Set.”

I think it is reasonable to assume that evolution of ancient Black African genetics is the ultimate message of Aleister Crowley’s Aiwaz or Bes. This seems to be what Kenneth Grant is trying to convey to the world in his Typhonian Trilology. To my knowledge, Kenneth Grant, the only man who can claim to be the legitimate spiritual heir of Aleister Crowley, is the only white occultist to tell it as it is and not be blinded by Eurocentricism and the pointless O.T.O. lodges that pride themselves on perpetuating watered-down magical teachings. Grant is the only one to declare that the real 93 Current is to be found nowhere else in the world but in the Typhonian traditions of the blacks. Perhaps this is the main reason why Grant is so unpopular amongst the Crowleyites who find much pleasure in believing they are the Kings and Queens of the New Aeon, but, like good old uncle Al, have failed to penetrate the mystery of “the obeah and the wanga;” the Afro-Caribbean mysteries Aiwaz declares is the foundation of the resurrected Typhonian Gnosis.
The extraterrestrial origin of ancient Black African genetics is the reason why Aiwaz describes himself as the “minister of Hoor-paar-Kraat.” The writings of Kenneth Grant reveal that Hoor-paar-Kraat is the symbol of a UFO from the Sirius Star System. The “babe in the egg of blue” is none other than the ancient astronaut Bes in his space capsule. I would also like to take a moment and say that one should not be mislead by Grant’s use of the word UFO. His use of the word has nothing to do with ninety-nine percent of the literature that is devoted to this very misunderstood subject. In Outer Gateways Grant declares: “Research may demonstrate that not only the UFO is being massively sensed, but also the ghost, or double, which before the forties numbered its viewers on a comparatively limited scale. But is necessary in this area to draw certain lines of demarcation. There are many kinds of ghostly and spectral phenonmena, and there are also many kinds of unidentified flying objects […] Ancient Sanskrit literature contains references to space vehicles in the form of birds, flying dragons and other aerial creatures. The winged disk, or vitality globe, of the sun-god in Egypt, the Horus falcon and other animal-shaped vehicles, are cognate phenomena.”

Hoor-paar-Kraat could easily be a reference to an ancient astronaut from the Sirius Star System. I say this because there are thousands of folktales in Black Africa and the Caribbean that speak of extraterrestrial beings flying around in egg-like objects. For example, in Song of the Stars the Credo Mutwa states: “Then there are the Bushmen, who have a god called Nxunxa. Nxunxa is said to fly through the air in a flying ostrich egg, a very large ostrich egg in which he rides. It is said that he brought people to this world in one of these magic ostrich eggs.” This description is very similar to what can be found in the writings of Kenneth Grant. For example, in Outer Gateways Grant declares: “The child in the egg is the magical manikin in the shell, the bud-will of some powerful Lemurian or Atlantean mage that yet lingers on the edge of the universe, waiting to return. There are qliphotic entities known as the “Liers in Wait,” their emissaries hover and wheel about the rim of the known universe. They are the Returners […] for who certain watchers on earth have been waiting for untold aeons.”

Mutwa’s words also bring to mind what in Haiti is called the flying nganga. In darkest aspects of Haitian occultism and demonology, the flying nganga is the “ball of fire” the Bokor or sorcerer turns himself into after midnight and prays on the souls of the living. Once the Bokor climbs into his UFO he is believe to be able to travel anywhere in the universe. According to the folk traditions of Haiti, all UFO abductions are in reality the work of the Bizango Secret Society. It is also interesting to note that the Bokor is believed to acquire the skill to turn himself into a flying nganga from a Baka spirit. The Baka are the pygmies found throughout Central Africa. This would explain why in rural Haiti the baka is believed to be the spirit of a devilish dwarf that lives in the jungle and flies around at night as a “luminous egg” or “ball of fire.” I am inclined to believe that the Haitian concept of the Baka spirit is of Egyptian origins. In ancient Egypt the Ba represents the part of the Black African soul that turns into a hawk and flies to heaven. The Ba is the Baas, Vass, or Aiwaz of the dark animistic traditions of the pre-dynastic era. Please recall that the wings of the hawk are part of the symbolism of the sun disk of Horus. In other words, the Ba is the astronaut in the magically generated UFO or “bade in the egg of blue.”

Palo Mayombe has similar dark occult teachings that revolve around the concept of the Chichiriku. The Chichiriku is a pygmy-like spirit action covered from head to toe in white chalk with an electric whip in its hand. The Chichiriku could easily be the same thing as the Mutende-ya-ngenge, the infamous “white” dwarf and extraterrestrial of Central African folklore. In Song of the Stars the Credo Mutwa states: “It is the Balluba people of Zaire who named the Mutende-ya-ngenge, this is, “that white one of the whip,” because if this creature is attacked by tribes people, it defends itself with a whip-like weapon that it carries […] Usually this weapon is mounted on the creature where an arm should be […] You can see carvings of them by the Makonde of Mozambique. The Makonde love to portray such creatures […] Now there is a sinister side to this creature because it sometimes captures human beings for some reason known only to itself; and for hundreds of years our people have been afraid of Mutende-ya-ngenge because it sometimes cuts people open, examines them, and then puts them together again. It also makes children disappear.”

The Obeah priests of Trinidad and New York City have similar traditions. In the folklore of Trinidad we come across a race of djinn that work under Aiwaz. This Obeah teaching was in existence before Aleister Crowley declared that Aiwaz was his Holy Guardian Angel. The Obeah mysteries that revolve around dwarves may also be derived from Moroccan and West African sources. Most historians agree that Obeah is derived from Hebraic rites of the Akan people of Ghana. In Ghana we come across an entire tradition based on the magic of the dwarves. According to Ghanaian priests living in Brooklyn, a race of dwarves called the mortia live in a futuristic civilization in the middle of the earth. Many of the mortia are classified as Islamic spirits or djinn. The mortia fly around in egg-shape space-ships and love to abduct children. These children are taken into the underground civilization by way of a hole in a tree and taught the mysteries of the universe. When these children reach puberty they are said to return to their villages with long dreadlocks, ancient tribal markings, and the ability to cast very powerful spells. The underground civilization the Ghanaian priests believe is inhabited by a race of dwarves is probably a continuation of a very ancient Egyptian tradition. In Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man Albert Churchward states: “Ptah was a Pygmy and with his assistant Pygmies created Amenta or the lower earth, which was represented by a passage hollowed out of the earth […] Amenta consisted of a world of various states and many parts, including an Upper and Lower Egypt […]”

We also encounter dwarves in the shamanic traditions of the Native Americans. In Nancy Red Star’s Star Ancestors Fred Kennedy states: “The Little People live and hold council in mounds. They dug some up on my Uncle Jack’s land in Cattaraugus. They were in mummy form, only wrapped in red elm bark […] It is said that the Little People could come and go off the planet. When they disappeared there was never talk about why. It was always said they had supernatural powers, which is why we stayed shy of them. The Little People understood all about the Moon and stars, which is where we come from. We were let down from the stars. The Little People traveled the galaxy. Our ceremonies, our seeds, our medicine, and our philosophy came from the Little People. All Indians talk about the Little People.

Similar descriptions appear Norse mythology. In African Presence in the Early History of the British Isles and Scandinavia Don Luke states: “The Dark Elves and Black Dwarves reside in the mounds, and the dark caves in the earth. Their realm is known as Svartalheim, the black community. In the Prose Edda, we are told that the Dark Elves dwell in the earth and are blacker than pitch […] It is the Black Dwarves who inhabit the underground caves and work the mines, who forged Thor’s magic hammer, Mjolnir. It is the master craftsman, Dvalin, a Black Dwarf who fashioned the enchanted spear, Gungnir, for All-father Odin […] The real-life counterparts of the mythological Black Dwarves and Dark Elves are the Twa who Eric the Red “discovered” already occupying Greenland when the Norsemen arrived.”

Significantly, the dwarf-magician Bes, the oldest representation of the Hero/Heru, was also described by the Nubian-Egyptians as being a fish-man from the Sirius Star System. This description is very similar to the extraterrestrial beings West African shamans call the Nommo. So that you gain a better understanding I will provide you with more information about the Nommo. In The Sirius Mystery Robert Temple states: “It is said that the Nommos will come again. There will be a resurrection of the Nommo […] The Nommo is the monitor for the universe, the father of mankind […] There is the Nommo Titiyayne, messenger (or deputy) of the Nommo Die […] he executes the latter’s works. The Nommos who came to earth in spaceship are presumably of this class. A third class of Nommos is represented by O Nommo, “Nommo of the pond.” He will be sacrificed for purification and reorganization of the universe. He will rise in human form and descend on Earth, in an ark, with the ancestors of men […] then he will take on his original form, will rule from the waters and will give birth to many descendants. This suggests that a group of Nommos volunteered to be reincarnated as humans during the period of official absence from Earth of the Nommo Titiyayne leaders.”
It should also be noted that the Dogon mysteries are connected to Sumerian culture and the group of extraterrestrial beings commonly referred to as the Annunaki. In Sumerian culture there was a god called Dagon. Dagon is a reptilian god of Canaanite origins very similar to the Nommo. “Dagon” is derived from “dagan,” a Hebrew word meaning “grain.” This could easily be referring to the fact that the Nommo are associated with grain, which for the Dogon, like their ancient Egyptian ancestors, is a symbol of life. Dagon is also associated with the fish-god Oannes, and his mysteries are similar to those that can still be found in many parts of Black Africa. In Song of the Stars Credo Mutwa declares: “The Hebrew language and the ancient Egyptian---I am told reliably---and the languages of other countries of the Middle East such as Mesopotamia and Anatolia, are related. Why? Because these were the languages of the so-called Sea People. And the Jewish people are part of this great family of Sea People. The figure called “Nommo” among many of the African tribes is depicted by the Sumerians and Babylonians: he is shown as a fish-tailed man, rising up from the sea and giving knowledge. They call him Oannes.” Also, in The Sirius Mystey Robert Temple states: “[…] civilization was originally founded by amphibious beings known as Oannes, Musari, or Annedoti (in Greek). This tradition is in striking agreement with the Dogon tradition of the amphibious Nommos, or “Monitors,” who came from the system of Sirius to found civilization on earth.” It is also interesting to note that Oannes is believed to be one of the faces of Horus. In The Origin and Evolution of Freemasonry Connected with the Origin and Evolution of the Human Race Albert Churchward states: “The Fish God of the Assyrians was Horus of the Double Horizon. He is portrayed as a fish. As in the Egyptian, it was a symbolic type as to how he crossed the Horizon from East to West. He swam through the waters of space.” Churchward is in agreement with what Kenneth Grant has to say about the pre-dynastic Egyptian/extraterrestrial origins of the 93 Current. Once again, we come across Nommo-like creatures and UFOs. What is one to make of all this? Suffice to say that when we take the time to review what is know about Egyptian, Sumerian and West African mythology, we can do nothing better than conclude that Aleister Crowley’s Aiwaz is related to the extraterrestrial beings that have been in contact with black people for thousands of years. As Kenneth Grant has suggested in his Typhonian Trilogy, the 93 Current makes absolutely no sense when Black Africa is left out of the equation.

Kenneth Grant’s Black African centered approach to the 93 Current is also supported by the fact that The Book of the Law makes reference to the Nubians that ruled dynastic Egypt and revived the religion of the Anu, the Black African tribe that in pre-dynastic times migrated to Sumer and gave birth to the concept of the Annunaki. Anyone who knows anything about ancient Black African history will note that The Book of the Law predicts a time when the descendants of Anu will be on top once again. In the New Aeonic Cult of the Obeah and the Wanga, the Beast 666 is referred to as a Nubian shaman named Ankh-f-na-Khonsu. We also know that Aleister Crowley’s Ra-Hoor-Khuit is none other than the Amen-Ra of Ankh-af-na-Khonsu. Is this not further proof that the 93 Current represents the solar blood of the blacks that soon will be genetically altered by the 26,000 year precession/solar of radiation?

Ankh-af-na-Khonsu was an Egyptian priest that lived during the 25th and 26th Dynasties. That Ankh-f-na-Khonsu is depicted on the Stele of Revealing as a black man that lived towards the end of the 25th Dynasty indicates that he was a Nubian, a direct descendant of the Anu. In regards to the racial makeup of the 25th Dynasty, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima states They Came Before Columbus: “Here lay the black princes of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty, who, from circa 751 to 654 B.C., threw their shadow across the length and breadth of the Egyptian empire, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the borders of modern Ethiopia, almost a quarter of the African continent. They were among the last of the great sun kings of the ancient world […] For one brief century they restored Egypt to her former glory, renovated her temples and gave new life and moral authority to the sun god, Amon-Ra, who had become in that time the chief god among both Nubians and Egyptians.”

Why does the Book of the Law refer to Ankh-f-na-Khonsu as the Lord of Thebes? I will tell you why Ankh-af-na-Khonsu is referred to in this manner. Ankh-f-na-Khonsu was a priest of Mentu. Most historians agree that Mentu is the Theban name that describes Amen-Ra when he appears as Ra-Hoor-Khuit. We also know that Thebes was originally called Waset and in ancient times was famous for its Dark Rite of Osiris. During the time of Ankh-f-na-Khonsu it is safe to assume that Waset was definitely dominated by nothing but Black Africans from Ethiopia. In Black Land of Antiquity: A Brief Historical Outline of Dynastic Kmt Runoko Rashidi has the following to say about Amen-Ra and Waset: “It was only with the rise and enthronement of the Ku****e rulers of Dynasty XXV that a powerful resurgence in Kmt was sparked […] About 750 B.C.E., the Ku****e king Kashta made a Pilgrimage to the Amen Temples at Waset, where he was hailed “King of Upper and Lower Kmt.” Also, in Waset, the Eye of Ra and the Abode of Maat: The Pinnacle of Black Leadership in the Ancient World Asa Hilliard states: “Waset was called the Eye of Ra and the Abode of Maat […] It was the home of the most powerful rulers […] When we view these rulers, their mummies or their images, we see that they were indigenous African people.”

Students of Black African history will also note that Amen-Ra worship is much older than the 25th Dynasty. Amen-Ra may very well be one of the oldest of the black divinities. This would explain why a version of his cult can be found in almost all parts of Black Africa and the Caribbean. According to Kenneth Grant, Amen-Ra is called the Hidden God because he represents the sun in Amenta. In The Book of the Law Amen-Ra is called the “sun at midnight.” Hence, in addition to representing the solar current, Amen-Ra also represents the stellar and lunar currents of the Black African witch mysteries. The Masters of Dark Moorish Science maintain that Amen-Ra is the key to understanding the metaphysical properties of the hormone melatonin. Amen-Ra is the black ancestral energy that after midnight gives birth to instant genetic mutations (lycanthropy) and UFOlogy.

The mysteries of Amen-Ra are reflected in the name Ankh-f-na-Khonsu. In
Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God Kenneth Grant states: “Ankh-af-na-Khonsu, a priest of Amen Ra… was a previous avatar of Therion (the Beast). Khonsu, meaning literally “the traveler of the night-sky” not only denotes the moon but also the stars or kalas that accompany the moon in its nocturnal or feminine phase.” Ankh-af-na-Khonsu is the traveler of the night-sky because he represents the essence of the UFO that is generated from the science of the “obeah and the wanga;” meaning the light of the moon (Aub) that reflects the essence of the Qliphoth or dark matter. In other words, Ankh-af-na-Khonsu represents the spacecraft of the astronaut that in this day and age is nothing more than witch or vampire of the Afro-Caribbean dark sciences flying across the night sky in search of victims.

That the magic of Ankh-af-na-Khonsu has been preserved in the night-time religions of the Caribbean is proven by the fact that there exists a Vodou god by the name of Ghede Khensou. In Divine Horsemen Maya Deren states: “Therefore, if anyone would make magic, would set invisible forces to work in the visible world, it can be only with Ghedes permission […] It is through him that the zombies are brought up from the grave […] Here, in this dark phase of his powers, the trickster becomes transformer. Under his sign the malevolent bocor may take the shape of an animal, and men may be transformed into terrible bakas […] It is also noteworthy that magic under Ghede is undertaken during the period of the new moon, which is the rising night sun. Maximilien believes Ghede to be derived from Egyptian Osiris, and it is significant that one of his names is Khensou, an Egyptian deity.”
The Haitian Ghede cult has preserved the mysteries of Amen-Ra. Under the dark sun the Book of the Law calls “the sun at midnight” the angry sorcerer and is given the power to shape shift and fly at night in the UFOs of the Kabbalistic Obeah cults, Bizango Secret Societies, and the Jewish Palo sects of eastern Cuba. All of this falls into the jurisdiction of what Aleister Crowley called Alim. Like most people with genetic recessive defects, Crowley feared the power of Alim because of its connection to the moon and the witchcraft mysteries of the Afro-Caribbean natives that opposed slavery and European expansion.

The Ghede Khensou cult does not seem to be a modification of the Egyptian mysteries. We are not looking at something that was born from syncretic practices that came about as a result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. We are looking at something that is a retention and unique to ancient black culture. There is also reason to believe that Ghede Khensu may be of pre-Columbian origins. I say this because of the connection Ramses II had to the Amen-Ra temples and the Native American culture of South America. In Nancy Red Star’s Star Ancestors there appear the following words of Troy Lang: “Scientists recently studied the DNA of Ramses II […] His DNA and that of other royal mummies had traces of cocoa leaves and tobacco. Cocoa leaves come from Central America.” As it has been noted by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima in Early America Revisited, it is possible that the tobacco found in these royal mummies is of Old World origins. However, the same thing is not the case when cocaine is thrown into the equation. The Amen-Ra Cult played a very important rule in the formation of Olmec culture. From what I have been able to gather, the connection the Nubian culture has to the ancient Americas is why the predictions of The Book of the Law coincide with what the Mayas have to say about Quetzalcoatl’s celestial return in 2012.



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