Black Poetry : Lift Up The Banner Of Love

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    lift up your heads don't be misled
    through days of reached cadence let loose
    don't be a reck lose to the shoes
    yesterdays news will sing its blues
    we must be willing to choose
    light of all knowing laughter with peace
    spreading the great news with dancing feet

    columns of pillars languished as gold
    beautiful notion of time to unfold
    heroes block the vortex of the eye
    a straddling passerby
    why does one equate logic with fear
    all should draw so ever near
    all in fun with good cheer

    beautiful duration of a souls fixation
    tempers of fire blowing up in its fullest desire
    a pathway to peace with sorted dancing fet
    a good way to meet & greet
    love has languished promises bares a promise
    in the long run filtered through the sun