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    By Andre Austin
    As we shall shortly see the comparative lives of Jesus and Titus. The incidents in their lives is no coincidence. Jesus ministry mirrors Titus military campaigns on point with precision. Titus father a freemason, Vespasian discussed with the high priest at Mt Carmel on the creation of a religion that would unify Judaism and paganism into a hybrid called Christianity –Suns of God by Acharyas S p. 138. Roman botany considered that by introducing tamed specimens into a colony of wild plants (Jewish militants), a grafted hybrid (Jesus/Christianity) and tamer plant would result. So rebel leaders were pruned on Mount olives, with branches cut off so that Roman branches would be superimposed and grafted in see (Romans 11:11-24) and in War of Jews 7,2 157-163;7,6, 178-185).
    Life of Jesus:
    1CE purported birth of Jesus
    30CE Ministry of Jesus begins.
    · At the Lake of Galilee Jesus begins his ministry by calling followers to become “fishers of men’ (Matt 4:19).
    · At Gadara, Jesus expels 2,000 demons from a man. The Demons migrate into pigs that then jump off a cliff into the river (Mark 5:1-20).
    · 33CE Jesus goes to Jerusalem (Luke 19:28).
    · A naked young man escapes at the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:51-52)
    · Jesus predicts that Jerusalem will be surrounded by a Wall (Luke 19:43)
    · Three men are crucified at the Hill of the skulls (Golgotha), one man is taken down from the cross by Joseph (us) (Ben) AriMathea, (homophonically same name as Josephus Bar Matthias), and later appears alive (Matt 27:33, 57-58)
    · At the end of the last Gospels, Jesus declares that John (the beloved disciple) will live but Simon (peter) will be bound and taken to Rome where he does not want to go to be killed (John 21:18)
    Life of Titus:
    39CE Titus Flavius Vespasian (Titus) is born
    66CE His father ,Vespasian, is appointed by Nero to put the revolt in Judea and takes Titus with him
    67 CE Roman campaign begins in galilee
    · At the lake of Galilee Titus begins his campaign with a battle in which Jews fall into the water and are fished out (War of the Jews 3,10,5-9).
    68CE Emperor Nero dies
    · At Gadara, rebels are forced to rush like beats/pigs into the river (War of Jews 4, 7, 1-6)
    69CE In July, the army in Judea, Egypt, and Syria backs Vespasian for emperor.
    · Vespasian arrives in Rome, quells civil war, and is made emperor, leaving Titus to complete the war in Judea.
    70CE Titus goes to Jerusalem
    · Titus “Naked” –without his armor-escapes attack at the Garden of Gethsemane (wars 5,12).
    · Titus builds a siege wall around Jerusalem (Wars 5,12) Titus pitches camp at Jerusalem exactly 40 years from the start of Jesus ministry.
    · Three men are crucified at the Village of the Inquiring Minds (Thecoe/NT hill of Skulls). One man is taken down from the cross alive by Josephus Ben/Bar Matthias( similar name and counsellors at Luke 23:50-51), and miraculously survives (Josephus Life 75,420-421).
    · John is captured but allowed to live (War of Jews 6,9,4) but Simon (Peter) is seized and is taken to Rome to die (Wars of Jews 7,2,1)
    71CE Titus and Vespasian have a joint triumph in Rome. The Jews precious jewelry and the 7 candlesticks (menorah) are taken as trophies which reflects (Rev 2:5)
    73CE The massacre at Masada occurs exactly 40 years from Jesus resurrection.
    79CE Josephus writes the authorized history War of the Jews which is dedicated to Titus. In the NT Jesus’s holy scribe is Mathias or Matthew which by coincidence is Josephus bar Mathias last name.
    71-79CE Gospels are probably written
    79CE Following Vespasian death, Titus becomes Emperor.
    80CE Titus establishes an imperial cult to worship Vespasian as a God. Titus creates a priesthood called the flamines to administer the cult. A masonic group called “Sons of the Sun” purports Vespasian & Titus as a member. This makes sense with Jesus/Titus being one and the same with Jesus being “Son of the Tekton/Mason” (Matthew 13:55/Mark 6:3). And no one can doubt that the NT is knee deep into sun worshiping. NT word for carpenter is a translation error. Carpenter comes from Hebrew word nagger, via of Greek tekton (mason) was applied to teachers poets as well as craftsmen that original come from Egypt from the God Ptah.
    81 Titus dies in September. The Arch of Titus is constructed claiming him “the son of a god”.
    · His younger brother Domitian becomes the third flavian Emperor.

    When one looks at the form of early Christianity, one sees not Judea, but Rome. The church’s structures of authority, its sacraments, its college of Bishops, the title of the head of the religion –Pontiff were all based on Roman, not Judaic traditions. The early three popes were invention Peter, Linus and Anenkletus. The first Pope was a member of the flavian family pope Clement. The first Christian burial site in Rome was created by Flavia Domitilla.
    The freemasons created the religions of the Jews, Christians and even the Muslims. They are in competition with each other for power and to be on top. They discredit each other with sex, lies and scandal. As a matter of fact the Pope is supposed to be the grand master-mason.

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    There are many unanswered questions about the historical accuracy of the biblical Jesus. Christians disagree, of course. But, even they have to depend on the unprovable account of Jesus' resurrection to explain away the absence of a body and the absence of a grave. And even that offers no answer other than the obvious [that Jesus did not exist, at least not as portrayed in the bible] as to why Jesus is not mentioned by Philo, a Hellenistic Jewish historian of the 1st century AD.

    This is not all that unique for historical figures. Similar questions remain about Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Socrates, the Buddha, and Moses just to name a few.

    It is entertaining to ponder such questions. But that which can be learned from the teachings attributed to such men is far more important that if they existed and, if so, which historical figures they really were.

    Imagine how devolved the science of math would be, today, if men rejected Euclidean Geometry because it can not be proven that Euclid ever existed as an historical figure. I personally lean toward believing that Euclidean Geometry is really Imhotep-ian Geometry. But that does not stop me from studying it.