Chief Elder Osiris : Life Is Sacred, But Living Isn’t Neccessary Fair

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    Life Is Sacred, But Living Isn’t Neccessary Fair

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Life is the result from the action by the Divine Essence and Mankind is incapable of creating Life.

    Anything that Mankind can not Create, Duplicate, or invent, is Sacred and is of a greater Force of intelligence than Mankind allowed level of intelligence.

    Life deserve to be acknowledged, respected, and honored as being of the Divine Sacred Order, it being from the Divine Essence of all things with life, and is without Life, in the physical.

    Life has only its accomplice, which is Death, and the two is beyond being duplicated and is not associated with any social and religious moral and immoral standards.

    Life like the body that house it, happen to be Divinely sacred, making the flesh to be, not weak, nor is it sinful, but is the action work of the Divine Essence.(GOD)

    Life is required to be respected and honored; it is what gives meaning to the body, and it is the body that is to reflect the Joy of Life.

    It is life that is threaten by the process of living, because it is how you live your life, is what determine your life living condition, and it is living that determine the relationship life is to death, and death is to life.

    So how you live your life is what indicate how much you value your life, and it is the quality of living that vary, and not life.

    Therefore, it is the spirit being reflected by the Body life that verify the status of the Body life Mind, because it is the mind that determine your spiritual living condition.

    Life has nothing to do with the way you live, it just provide you with the opportunity to live, and living is all about how your Mind guide you in the spirit of living, which can be Divine or Profane, full of Joy and Peace or Lies and deception.

    So it is the Mind and not life that create the category of Divine and Profane, of Good and Evil, and it is under such categories that living is defined and not life.

    Life and death is to the body, but living is to the Mind, and it is the Mind that is available to either be influenced or be determine by your will to be peaceful or in turmoil or to be in Harmony, Order, And balance, or to be full of Vain Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, all are attributes of a way of living.

    Such a way of living is not under the dictate of the Body life, but is determine by your Mind, which is reflected through your Spirituality.

    Your Spirituality is no more than your Attitudinal Behavior, which reflect your Living status, which is determine by the condition of your mind, which is displayed by the Body life, be it good or evil, or Just or unjust, all is happening by the course of action based upon the quality of mind that you choose, in term of how you will live your Body life.

    So life with most Black people is under the direction of a mind been indoctrinated to display a spirit that is not with respect to the Black Body life.

    Because most Black people are controlled not to be of a desire to be free in life, but to live a life as so dictated by a mind we carry, which is not the Mind of our Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors.

    Our Divine First Way Ancestors, Black people who lived freely and did revere life, and had no fear of death, which is required in life, if living freely and peaceful without being influenced by a mind that is not of the Black Body life, but is of Lucifer the Human Being construct.

    There is no wonder why most Black people appear to be happy and satisfied to be living a life of confusion and depression, caused by action of oppression, it is all because of the type of Mind that now conduct the Black Body life, a Mind decisions in how such a life is being lived.

    A Miserable way of living, is by having a profane mind to be the guide of the Black Body life.

    So, it is no wonder as to what might come from the mind of the Black so call Afrikan, when expressing sentiments about how the Black Body life is now being lived, being done so, by how we have been indoctrinated to live the Black Body life.

    So, without Black Folks Divine original Mind, all that we do and believe over the course of our living in the Black Body life, is done so, under the restraints of limitation to a Mind that is profane, the type of Mind that now has control of the Black Body life.

    So, when you see, look at, and hear of Black so call Afrikans telling you that there is no quality of Mind that can know about all things that the Body life has experienced, then know, that it is a profane Mind that is telling you such lies, all because that quality of Mind that is telling such lies, is incapable of functioning without restraints and limitation, and it is such a Mind that keep the Black life to remain without the ability and joy, of freedom of thought.

    Freedom of thought is done with respect to life, and where there is respect for life there is no limit attached to such a Mind that is functioning Divinely.

    So it is because of the low quality of Mind that now guide the Black so call Afrikan, and the confusion breaded by a flawed education, that now have most Black people to not know the value in functioning with a Divine Mind, you get what you now observe of Afrika and Black so call Afrikan people.

    So, imperfection and a mind that function with limitation using a belief system instead of a method of Thinking, which make it to be, that in no way Black people will ever display a sense of Divine respect for the Black Body life, a life deserving to be free and not profanely confined with limitation in its function.

    So tell me beloved, will the Black Body Life ever be free again?

    Will we ever become Creative Thinkers Again?

    Will we ever become knowledgeable of the fact that most Black people now function with a faulty Mind?

    A Mind not left to Black people by our Divine First Way Ancestors, because we now, is a people, because of our Faulty mind with limitation, do not know who the Divine First Way Ancestors Truly and Really Are, and the meaning and purpose that they did display in living their lives, which was perfectly Divine by the nature of their living.

    So yes beloved, Life is Divinely Sacred, meant to be lived without restraints and limitation, having no moral standard to live By, because it is Divinity that supercede Morality.

    Only a Mind that function with limitation, need a code of restriction to be placed upon the activity of a profane Mind, which is the quality of Mind that Guide the Luciferian Human Being.

    Most Black People today proudly confess to be Human, instead of being Divine, and that is why we find our way of living our Lives to be with extreme confusion about our Black Body life.

    Life is Sacred and Divine, and Living, well it is how your Mind Guide it to be in the function of life, and it is the quality of Mind that determine the quality of the Body Life Living.

    A Life Without Divine Freedom, Is With A Mind That Live In Hell!!!

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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    so "carrying this mind"

    would actually result in "holding" down a people

    Gives meaning to a mlk quote "you can't hold anyone down without holding ur self down with them"

    I am Free Chief, however, first i can not will harm to that which is functioning in this mind, because it is not aware of it's attitudnal behavior

    The black life body of the original manifestation is afraid to die again, he thinks it's real

    i mean look at the most recent ritualistic behavior

    in a simple brain process, people, children "dress up" in constume to receive a trick or treat.....

    but in the ethereal stands to reason this ritual mimics the actual activity of death and reincarnation

    look at the word re in "car" nation

    so really there is no more get away car....

    GOD needed a vehicle, no rules and regulations and religions and opinions and destruction


    and to answer your question, and it is a very blunt question, and that' what I like


    the divine mind will return to it's right full owner

    but not by force, he has to remember himself

    his whole self, and not the historical pieces and data

    "they" have nothing to win/lose anymore... this is the concept of death, and death was kind enough to show them that, however, someone decided to sacrafice and "feel" the experience

    and it wasn't the "black body male life" no Chief

    this is a "cat" fight

    c at the end of the "day" my momma left my daddy for a pale man

    c thru

    and real talk the "new guy" would wear her panties and stockings.. i'm like wtf

    female elements are the only elements that create different sexual desires


    i think i'll stick with the "womb gender" description

    cause my MIND is fertile

    and the fe lion or kitty cat well you already know

    i know where ur at so don't over re act

    i started off in church just like my dad.... and i use to like this song that went

    u may not get what u want, but u will have what u need
    if u only have faith in ur self
    and if u only believe
    nothing turns to nothing


    then there was this other one

    one day my highest "hope"
    had faced and all time low
    i looked a far away but
    found no place to go
    until i met a man
    he said won't u come wit me

    cause i'm a maker of

    "the gospel time machine"

    then i could run in the night
    and i will guide u right
    and each step that u take
    i will be there

    see Chief in "law" there is a burden of proof.....

    innocent until "proven" guilty

    Sin was created to create the burden of proof, and take peoples innocence

    I'm waiting for them to free Mumia Abu Jamal from prison

    they have evidence that he didn't committ the offense he is charged with

    they free him I'll share my air, but by their laws I have the right to protect myself

    i mean really technology doesn't think, but it provided a means for me to reach into the past without leaving my vehicle

    i don't give a **** about computer chips and agents

    i can actually use whatever i want to use here, but i don't use people, or their feelings

    now I have always Loved you, angry or not, by why attack ourselves, when we already know how to behave naturally

    just gotta remember, and if u want to remember, u heart beats in such a way, and then u take in the consciousness that provides truth and contentment

    but also a natural repellent to this weak mind we are ignoring

    people pretend to ignor me but that's the difference, i know better

    I've been taught very well, and have a gift

    and when someone gives u a gift u care for it, your cultivate it and you honor it

    i had this revelation not to long ago that it was the black man that is in fear of his white woman

    the appearance tho, not the actual race of perceived people

    u gotta understand death is a subject unto her self

    i kill for my father.. she gets what is ours

    i live for him, our past changes into our proper future state

    so Kris may be an idiot, but I Love him more then enough to endure this weak mind u speak of until it expires

    all food has an expiration date, no matter how well preserved man can make it

    we don't need their handouts, Elder, they never had any intentions of paying it

    it's actually what we call in the streets, a narc operation, a set up

    but see if you don't really know what you have, and you prematurely agree how can anyone be mad

    forgiveness comes with understanding and maturity

    change comes with the acceptance that man was wrong about GOD

    we all know who wispered in his ear, and he knows that GOD don't speak english...

    so why listen to the schizo voices???

    You have to feel the presence......


    stop preparing for a day that has come and gone.. u gotta catch up

    this is my problem with sankofa, it keeps u stuck wanting something they never gonna give

    st mary
    st john
    st louis

    i mean feelings don't lie... if u feel

    u get it, in cest, strips genes

    spiritual incest strips GOD's genes,

    they lose power at the end, and he finds his beginning

    his origin

    it already happened, he's catching up to the memory

    that sparked his ambition

    Chief your a creative thinker right now..... and your thoughts are separate from mine, or we would not be communicating with this medium

    so really i'm not waiting for anyone black to "hear" me, but if you feeling me, then welcome to Hiphop's language, and as you can feel, it is our own unique one

    peace Cheif, stay up.