Chief Elder Osiris : Life Is Not Meant To suffer!!!

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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    The Body is the Temple from which Life flow and all of that is because of the action of the Divine Essence which is Divine, and therefore, that which is associated with the Body should be respectful to the Body, because it is the Body that should not be mutilated by anyone, not even the self of life that live in the body, with a manifestation of that life living, and it being of the direction of the Body Life mind.

    The Divine Essence ( GOD) is an action that is Eternal Infinitely Divine, and in Divinity there is no category of Do and Don't or Right or Wrong, nor a need to worship the Divine Essence, because Life to obey only the Mind, because life is being associated with the body and the Body being a Divine production of the Divine essence, such a Divine Reality is what have the Life of the Body to be worthy of living a Life of Peace, Happiness, Joy, and Freedom, making such a Divinity of Life not to be exposed to ever being under the duress of suffering.

    The Body is not a symbol of weakness but is a design coming from Infinite strength and the Body is not with a mixture of good and evil, nor is it in form or shape that represent Lies and Deception.(SIN)

    So when Religion tell you that the Body is a design of weakness and is shaped in iniquity, (SIN) what is being told to you about your Life self, is that your body life self is in the act of lying and deceiving you, so you see, the Body Life is not for the purpose to be placed in a suffering condition.

    The Body Life that is in a suffering condition, is the Body Life that is functioning away from the Divine mind of that Divine Body Temple, and a Life that is made to be manifest to be suffering, living under such evil, oppressing, and deceiving condition, such is a Body life that has been robbed of its Divine mind.

    Suffering is caused by the action of a profane mind and in profanity there is no Harmony, Order, and Balance in the living of such a life, so what does religion do, it teach you that it is virtuous to suffer, because it place you in the company of the world alleged savior, Jesus Christ.

    Jesus is a symbol of Suffering and suffering is the pathway to Jesus and therefore to Heaven, so it is told to the world, it is meant for your body Life to suffer and in such suffering you must endure, if you want (not need) to have a seat in the Heavenly kingdom of Jesus.

    There is no virtuous reward to be gotten from having your body life to suffer, such only serve as evident that the mind of that body life is the product of Lucifer the human Being, he who thrive on causing the body life to suffer, because a Life that is in a continue state of suffering, is a body Life being prohibit from Thinking, and Thinking is Divine, and it is the Divine mind that Think with the ability to Reason Rationally, while being logical in the act of Guiding your body life in a direction that Suffering does not travel.

    Any Book that teach you that it is good to suffer and in your suffering it will cause you to be able to become much closer to receiving the Salvation of Jesus, is a book under the authorship and control of Lucifer the Human Being, he who is the great Liar and deceiver of Black People first, and the World thereafter.

    Because, when it is all said and done in the circle of Divine Reality, Lucifer goal and objective is to gain complete victory over the Mind of Black People, because Black People functioning not with our Divine mind, is Humble Prey to be conquered and sentenced by Lucifer to live a Life of suffering, giving Black people a cause to believe that it is Religiously godly to suffer, Why?

    Because it is believed by Black People in accordance to the Religious Doctrine Black People been made to believe in, that to Suffer in Life is to be made to be more Christ like, and it is the ignorant intelligence that have Black people glorifying their body Life Suffering and show no desire to change such a state of Body life Living condition in this world on this life living Dimension, the only Dimension where Life has its meaning and purpose in the Body.

    So it is Black people who wonder why it is that Black people have no desire to be free and independent from Lucifer and his Religion?

    Well, Heaven with Jesus, is the Life Suffering Motivation of Black People today, and the World suffer because of the ignorance of Black so call Afrikan People, we who ignore the Divine Truth about our Life condition and glorify the Suffering of the Black body life, believing that we do Jesus a Religious Service the more we suffer.

    Salvation come to the Body life by the quality of the Mind and not by the Faith in belief.

    Divine Body Life is not meant to Suffer, but is Designed to be Divinely Independently Joyful now, such is the Guidance and action of a Divine mind, a Mind of the Divine Essence Energy Intelligence, anything less, is a mind guided by the profane mind of Lucifer the human Being, he who is the Creator of all Religion, which give you to believe that you are meant to suffer, as he hang metaphorical and allegorical from the Cross of Crucifixion claiming to have saved the world soul.

    To You Do I Humbly bow With The Divine Respect You the Black Feminine goddess of Life, so Honorable Deserve, but yet have yet to know of our place in this World which Lucifer the Human Being has made to be of a believing deceiving Evil Spirit today.

    Be kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    As You Should know Of Me, That I Mean To You Or Anyone, No Disrespect, As I Share This Divine Truth With You.

    Chief Elder
    Author Of The Book, Divine Spirituality: Getting To Know The Real You.
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    Even as life to not suffer why do we suffer in such harsh way !?
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    You say not meant to suffer, by who, who has decided that inspite of our history?

    Black people find the hell of slavery,
    the evil of the lynchings
    and the indignities of Jim Crow

    on one level to relate to the dismemberment, ie suffering of Ausar

    and on many levels to the passion or suffering of Jesus,
    or even a woman's suffering in 15 hour labor!!!!

    And let' get real clear and down to earth

    It will require all of our small suffering the loss of some comfort, and discretionary funds, to create a safety net for the millions of Black folks who will catch hell from the economic Katrina on the horizon

    just so we can prevent further future suffering