Chief Elder Osiris : Life Is Given To Be A Gift For Joy And Not Hardship

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    Life Is Given To Be A Gift For Joy And Not Hardship

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    To Rejoice In The agony of Suffering From Evil Action Against You, is a sign of a Psychotic Human Being, but a Divine Being Know, That Joy come In Relationship to Mental Freedom.

    Life come from the Divine Essence, therefore Life is Divine and by living a Divine Life signify that your Mind Thoughts are Free to be Creative in forming a conclusion about all Events of Happening that affect your Life, so a Divine Mind reveal Reasonable, Rational, and Logical Thoughts, a Mental action that is qualified to let you know when it is appropriate for you to be Joyful in Life and when it is Time to be seriously Real concerning your Life condition and if that condition is not Divine, then that Life has nothing to be joyful about and is busy trying to Free your Life that has been placed in a burdensome living condition, a life of suffering and not of Joy.

    Life is not something that you earn, it is a systematic Gift coming from a Divine Essence that you play no part in bargaining with, nor do you have the power of persuasion with, not in anything that is pertaining to the origin of your life and by such a Life being a Gift to you, it serve as an obligation indicating that the receiver of that gift, has an obligation not to the Giver of that Life but to that life, to see to it that your Life is experiencing the Happiness of Joy and that Freedom come with your life.

    So a life that is not experiencing the pleasure of the Happiness of Joy, is a Life that is not Free and a Life that is not Free, the possessor of that Life has an obligation to do anything necessary to bring to your Life the Happiness of Joy, such will be the expression of Respect to that Life, which you played no part in you experiencing, through the action of your Body Life Living experiences.

    Show me a Black Human Being and I will show you a Life covered in hypocrisy, trying to emulate the experience of Happiness with Joy, lying to self, pretending that all is well with your life, because of how you have changed to equate Life Happiness with Joy, which you claim is based upon the quantity and quality of material possession that you have accumulated, which you have come to have in your possession, not in an environment of Divine Peace, Happiness and Joy, but by submitting to disrespect your Life Divine Right to Divine Happiness and Joy, it being based upon the fact that your Life experiences are based upon your independent Mental effort, without compromise, and when such quality of Thoughts are in action, in unison with other similar thoughts, your Life will not settle for nothing less than to be in Full of Joy and Happiness, which only Freedom is qualified to bring to your life, beloved.

    Show me a Life living under the control of other than your self, and is pretending to be full of Happiness and joy and I will show you a Life full of misery, suffering from a Mental illness that has caused that Life to live a delusional life, a life that has no contact with that which is Divinely Real and True and when a Life has no concept with clear perception about what is Divinely True and Real, there is a Life living a Lie pretending to know what is Real and True to your life, when all of the Time, you have not done the Divine Things that will have you to become qualified to know thyself, and a life without knowledge of self, is a life in bondage, living out of Harmony, Order, and Balance with your Soul action, and a life that is disobedient to the Soul, is a Life that breed a belief system that lies and deceive your Life, beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    The Divine Essence is the verification of being the embodiment of Eternal Infinity, the verification of Divine Existence, and it is that Divine Infinite Energy that is every where, All Powerful, is the reason that you have the Mental capacity to Know, without the need to believe, and it is what cause you to be able to bring all you need to See into Divine Focus, such is the Divine Essence that has made it possible for your Life to be, without your doing, as you go around looking, which only project physical fantasy,.

    So your Life is not yours to mistreat, so how you Live that Life, that is entirely up to you, and how ever you choose to treat your Life, you will end up suffering the consequence of your body Life Living action, beloved.

    No greater example that can be used to verify that which I am sharing with you about Life, is Divinely True, than to use the Black Life present experiences to serve as a witness, that if you mistreat your life, then all I am sharing with you about the Black Life in particular, is Divinely True, because todat Black People are mistreating our Life, beloved.

    So the fact that the Black Life is under the control of people other than ourselves, then the Black Life has yet to experience the Divine happiness of Joy, which are Divine attributes of Life, and without those attributes being Divinely experienced, your Life is that of a Slave Mentality, parading around wearing the mask of ignorant intelligence, having not the desire to bring Freedom to the Black Life, and it is all because you have not the knowledge of Self, nor do you Know What God Is, nor of your relationship to both Universe.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Reparation must become Black People Life and Ark of Salvation, because if not, the Black Life will continue to be exposed to the disease of Profane and Vain Lies and Deception, all serve to be an enemy to the Divinity of the Black Life.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    joy and hardship is dual

    but we are hardset on the hardship because of oppression

    the joy must be realized more but as long as the stronghold exists

    we have to find pockets of middle ground somehow

    I AGREE 1 trillion %