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Street So'ja

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Mar 19, 2001
Brooklyn, New York
here i iz
in these streets i live
save the kids
can't regret nothing i did
some stuff you take
some stuff you give
but no matter how you cut it
it is the way it is
so we live

for another day

in the land of mirage
and camouflage
we stake our claim against all odds
dip and dodge

in life on the chessboard
checkmate we can ill-afford
and we stand and applaud
those who came before

we bring the message
no matter how unpleasant
it's worth a mention
tale of the pre-destined

lay it down life in the spectrum
anal to the rectum
like flies to ****
we sweat them
the meek shall inherit the Earth
the hands of time will test them

God bless them
and us all

we need each other
there's a crack in the structure

of Life

Da Street So'ja
thank you my people

verb - you MEAN i'll be standing by YOUR stand

breez - thanks for the love is means alot

Heart - uh you a little close too home - you from Brooklyn?
thanks for your support and where you been?


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