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    Life Curriculum

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    In a society dominated and control by Human Being forces of whom you do not even know, and yet the evidence that they live is the how you live your life, and you live it believing and not Thinking that you are the captain of your life ship.

    Not so beloved, because your every life expressed behavior is influenced by a set of events that is not natural, but is a creation by those who lie and deceive you into believing that all is well with the way you believe about the things that you submit your life to be obedient to, and it is all because you have been made to believe it is God Will for you to do so.

    You ask the question, has the bible been plagiarized, when all the bible is no more than a so call moral compass created by Lucifer to deceive and control the Mind of the world, so there is nothing unique about the bible, other than it has succeeded in getting the world to believe that God is a man and did author the book call the bible.

    The bible a book of lies and deception with nature events weaved into such believing evil to give it the appearance of it being the actual word of a God that by its indication is vainly selfish and jealous, and only a mind drunk of ignorant intelligence will accept the bible to be the actual word of God.

    When in fact the God the bible reference, is the Human Being oppressors known as the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the three being one and the same, out to conquer the Mind of the World, using the gravity of religion to draw your Mind into a dimension where only Lies and acts of deception reign as goddess and gods, queens and kings, and Lords Of God, meaning the Laws of The Human Beings, they who have created a life curriculum for your Life, for you to obey without Thinking.

    In Life curriculum you have a set of social rules that have been constructed for your life to obey and those rules which are based upon the Law that control the society, Laws also created by the same force that control the society that you are a part of, and life curriculum is presented to society, broken into two categories, classified as the Moral imperatives of Life and the immoral denunciation of Life living expression, and you as robots, arrange your life around the Human Beings curriculum, which is based upon the Human Beings opinion of how you are to live your life, and it is the controlling forces of the Human Beings that lie and deceive and oppress and measure out injustice for your life, as their religion keep you grounded in the spirit of submission, preventing you from creating your own life curriculum to live by.

    In one category of Lucifer life Curriculum, you are given a list of that you are to do with your life and with religion, those list you are command to do, such a list of laws have you believing that it is God command that you live by such rule of law.

    So, label in the curriculum of life, there are those life expression told to you to be "Good" things for you to do and there are "Bad" things that you are not permitted to do, and when you do those things label either "Good" or "Bad" life expression, you either will be rewarded for the Good Things that you do in life or you are punished for the Bad things you do in Life and all of those things of Good and Bad become the life curriculum that you played no part in creating for your life.

    So you must come to see, at the present Time, your Life is not a creation of your doing, to be lived by you, it is a creation that others have created for you and under such control that is not govern by you, make you to be only a slave living somebody else opinion of life, which is created for you to live by, and that is why the Black World Society is still a slave to Lucifer, the creator of your Black life.

    In Lucifer Life curriculum, it is designed to take Black people out from our self life created zone, a zone we once lived in, that produced an expression of Life that was Divine, and in Divinity there is no category of do and don't, "Good" and "Bad" because a life that is being lived Divinely is a life action that is expressing Harmony, Order, And Balance with Nature Universe, and not with Lucifer created Religion.

    In a society based upon Divine Living, there is automatic expression of Honor and Respect, and Honor is due to those who live an Honorable Life and Respect is due to those who show compassion to you, expressing a Mind of knowing to you, and will instruct you in the way of living Divinely.

    Such is what the parent obligation is to the child and in return the child will show respect to the parent, Honor is given to those who have shown the Greater Good in compassionate expression toward others and such spirit is govern by the quality of Mind thoughts that you generate in the Life you live, beloved.

    Today, Black people live a life that we have no knowledge of, because our Life is the creation of Lucifer, the Human Being oppressors of Black people, and as long as we totally submit to the life curriculum of our oppressors, we will never be able in a life Time, come to be able to create our own Life curriculum, a curriculum based upon Divine Thoughts and with a knowledge of nature universe instruction that will have you to know what the Divine Essence Is, the Universe Reason and Purpose For being, and the quality of life you are to create for your body living experience.

    A life curriculum created by the Human Being oppressors, is based upon categories of Moral imperatives and Immoral denunciations, based on do and don't, Good and Bad, such categories are to keep the life that has been created for you, to be in a state of confusion and confusion bring on depression and a depressed life is an unstable life, and it is such a life that reveal that someone other than yourself is in control of the life you are living, a life that is not of your own creation.

    There is much more I can say on this topic but here is not the place, so I am encouraging you to be on the look out for My up coming book that deal with a lot of aspect of life curriculum.

    The Book is being published by iuniverse publishing, and is due out hopefully before the End Of The Year, it is title:

    Divine Spirituality: Getting To Know The Real You.

    So to you who are not over laced with vain Ego, Envy, And Jealousy in Life, purchase this book, because it is the only book written by A Black Afrikan Divine Spiritualist Garveyite Revolutionary, that goes straight to the juggler of Lucifer life lies and deception, the two demons that now possess the Divine Mind of the Divine Black Being, preventing you to Think your way through living and not believing your way through life created by Lucifer himself.

    Now you know I have never made a pitch to you for other than your Mind, but this book, Divine Spirituality: Getting To Know The Real You, it is not written to any particular Ethnic Group, It Is For Those Who Live In This World, Regardless Of Race, Religion, and Political Persuasion.

    So Beloved, how ever you believe of me is your problem and only you can correct it should the thought ever occur to you to do so, and the Book, well it will be out there for your reading and study, should you choose to do so.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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