Black Poetry : Life Choices ...

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    ~16 year old Katie was a girl sweet and simple
    Sometimes a bit naive
    Nothin her bummy-*** man said
    She chose to disbelieve.

    This boy was her life - His every breathe she took
    Love's gotten her shook - so mistakes she overlooks.

    Put her happiness aside - just to plase her man
    But, bettin pregnant 6 months later - was never part the plan.

    To stand by her-she wanted
    The support she never got
    Hopin he would've stay-
    But chose instead to walk away.

    So ...
    There Katie was - broken heart ... soul .. and womb
    Wishin the pain ... would subside soon.

    Believin the choice she made - would leave her no regret.
    To forget the child she'd never hold ...
    Ever get the chance to watch grow old.

    Katie still wonders ...
    How LOVE can bring such pain.
    So Katie waits ...
    For the sun - to dry up all of her rain ~