Black Poetry : Life And Death Is In The Power Of The Tongue

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    Life And Death Is In The Power Of The Tongue
    Author Jacqueline Amos

    Death is life and life is death, tour moils of the beginning,
    Knowledge the metaphorical suggestions of inner peace.
    Within the walls of spirits, thy tongue shall confess,
    within the walls of humanities, the granting’s of a good heart.
    The labor of the spoken words shall be the deliverance,
    that man shall embrace the words of love.
    Humble the emotions of a scholar,
    the treasures of Wisdom, knowledge,
    Understanding, Silence in time of harm,
    Messages from the almighty, silence of the beast.

    The tongue the sword,
    of an eagle eyes, shall be the
    The source of destructions.
    The wise man the calm,
    Knowledgeable in the time of harm.
    Loyal to his missions which its call.
    Silence as he lurks through the fire,
    without a burn are scream.
    The power of knowledge can not
    be erase, don't confuse webster
    in its place. Knowledge of self,
    the spoken words are no words.
    but the cross roads to mans heart.

    Omni presents every place, all the time, at the same place.
    The man within his own,
    abominations of definitions,
    Surely he feels his concept is the spoken words of a deliverance,
    without the understanding of what a man
    Is and should be. Wisdom blacked out within his own definitions.
    Nevertheless, he never learned wisdom, are the words holy,
    A man who don’t identify with the creator who made him.

    Words of hate there is a generation which there teeth are as sword’s , and
    there hearts as a sharpen knife, who’s reasoning’s is of self,
    And no humanities for others. To devour the poor from the earth,
    And the needy among men.

    Thy words that come back and haunt, repeating the cycle of curses,
    What goes around shall return, beware of spoken words, you shall
    Never take back the curse.

    Spirituality sacred places, every person missions,
    neglecting family tradition. Recycling the toxins of the universe.
    Resurrection, balancing the minds of creations.
    Optimistic expressions who is holy, an does man really no himself.
    Words spoken upon the stroll who is life, and who is death.

    There shall be no power within the close minds, man who continues
    To silence truth. Man without conscious zombies who walk upon earth.
    Beware of thy words it shall hit you in the face.

    Copywriter 2002
    Noumi Collections
    All rights reserved.
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