Black Poetry : Life and Death at 06:30

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Mar 19, 2001
Los Angeles, California
Life & Death at 06:30

Looking around at the loved ones
Who have taken care of me
Protected me
Shielded me…

I wait for life and death

Ego says..
What time is it?


Fear invited herself in like she always does…
causing my heart to ache
waking up Disobedience and Self doubt from their nap

Low self-esteem says…
where we goin?

Goin to meet Jesus
“why” says Dishonesty
because sweety, it’s time…


Procrastination says,
“im scared, my stomach hurts”..
“can we meet him some other time”?
I reply, “I know….God knows I know…
But I don’t think so….


The angel sitting in the center of the room
Starts to sing a melody of
A psalm I know so well
“The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”…..

I want to cry and celebrate
The pain is so intense….so heavy
A premature mourning is experienced

Deceit says….
Im sleepy
So sleepy
Surely if he’s worthy, he’ll come back another time

I rush over to give comfort
As I rock her in my arms
Brushing her long black hair away from her face…
I realize
Ive rocked her for so long now
The weight is unbearable

looking at the clock….


He’s here girls….
Tears start rolling down my cheeks
I notice a light so bright
I can hardly see….

Christ has come

With his arms stretched wide
He says, “Bring them all to me, the time has come for them to leave…

As I draw everyone closer
I begin to say my goodbyes
That’s when I realize
They are all but one person.
One who’s face I know so very well….

My own…
entering from the garden of serenity

my words have left me..this poem, this insight, of life has me looking to the heavens seeking the words to say...

God has showered you and spread your gift wide for others to see...i love this and all that you my dear are

***poetry in motion***



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