Black People : Lies That Ruin Us For Life

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    Isn't it interesting the things that we function off of as it it has a reality set in stone? Then we in turn pass these supposed realities down to our so called loved ones as if what we are passing down is the complete unadulterated truth. The question I want to ask is, "what happens to us inside when we learn differently"?

    I used to go with this woman back in the day who was married because back then that was all I messed with was married women...which means that back then I wasn't looking for any commitment and married women were always a safe bet in that area. At any rate, there was a sister who for all purposes in my eyes, "had a good man" speaking as one looking from the outside in. When the sister started pushing up on me, I totally dissed her and called her all kinds of dogs and hoes.

    The question was, why did I do this? Well from my perspective all I could see was this married woman with three children who had a man that worked two jobs for them. He was a property owner of several pieces of property. I used to see the brother take his children to school, take his wife to work (me and her worked at the same job) and pick her up from work after he picked up the children from school. He had a nice caddy and a van and to top it off, his wife did not have to work at all. In other words, homey was a darn good provider. So of course I couldn't help but to throw all this in her face when she tried to push up on me.

    What Ii did not see at the time was that; while he was busy working those jobs and providing for his family, that he was jeopardizing his marriage and family life. He was so busy doing the right thing as he saw it, that there was no family time, no intimacy time, no real communication, no actual fulfillment of a relationship in that home...which was why his wife started talking to me.

    She didn't have to work or want for anything but did so just to get out the house that she sort of felt like a prisoner in while her husband was out pursuing the American dream. His children are all grown now and he built each of them a home of their own except for the fourth child....which is my child and was the only one who turned down the home of his own.

    Having laid that out here like that, lets get to what wasn't seen and why after 30 years, me and this woman are still tight even though I felt like I was the cause of her leaving her husband...even though I actually wasn't.

    1. I learned that women prefer a real relationship as opposed to men buying them things as a show of affection.
    2. I learned the value of real communication in a relationship and the honesty that must be with it.
    3. I learned that it ain't always about the *ick or how much money we think that we have.
    4. I learned that a woman's heart and body has more value to her than ours does to us as men....particularly the undeveloped ones.

    So why did she leave him being that she was living so nicely? She left because she found out that he had a whole nother family set up on the other side of town and he bought her a house as well. She left because she learned that in order for him to get the credit ratings that he was getting for those properties, he was screwing this much older and established lady in another part of town. Then we come to find out that her husband was all up in everything from fencing stolen property to you name it.

    Therefore I was the only thing in her life that was honest with her. Her view of her marriage and relationship proved to be such a lie that she divorced him and has continued to work and live her own life rather than the lie that she had.

    Now I wrote all of this because it is the LIES that I want to focus on and of how we have been living our lives off of another persons lies instead of the truth. For example: I hear a lot about this word called "respect" and this other word called "love". Where did they come from and what do they mean. I know that the word "respect" means "to look again" but what of the word "love"??? Why is there no word in an Afrakan language that means love as taught to us by Europeans, religions and our family? Why is there no word in an Afrakan language that means "religion"? Women want a "roman-tic" man but where did that word come from also...even though the clue is in the word?

    Were are told that "The Truth Shall Set Us Free"...therefore meaning that, anytime you are not in search of THE TRUTH you are not in search of your freedom either because one is tied to the other. Most importantly I only ask that we do search for the truth in order to be free. Don't look for a Islamic truth, a Jewish truth, a Christian truth, an Egyptian truth, a Hebrew Israelite truth or any other kind of truth. Simply search for THE TRUTH, REGARDLESS OF WHERE THE CHIPS MAY FALL...REGARDLESS OF HOW UNCOMFORTABLE IT MAY MAKE YOU FEEL....SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH AND THAT ALONE....UNTIL THEN, WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH OR BE FREE.

    PEACE OUT !!!!