Black People : Lies - lies - and statistics

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    i notice a whole lot of people some on here some elsewheres are always arguing there points with statistics theyve trawled off the net and they expect you to nod yer head and agree with what they say those statistics prove....

    now i think we need to think over a few points here - first off where do these stat come from - is the source reliable - have they done there sums right - if they has does the source have some particular agenda to push...

    truth is you can prove near enough anything with statistics - either by using false stats or presenting true stats in a misleading way... heres an example - im using made up stats here but the point is even if they was real they wouldnt prove the conclusion here....

    47% of african americans enrol at college
    23% of african americans manage to complete a bachelors degree

    conclusion.... wow... those africans sure do drop outta college

    WRONG..... see the glarin error here starin in yer face - the first stat includes community college - so all those people gaining there associate degrees dont count in the second figure - now admitedly the lies are usually better hidden than this

    this is why i hardly ever trust stats - you wanna know if our people are still poor or really rich - whether 5% or 50% of us go to grad school or anything else you wanna know my advice really would be turn off the comp screen - forget the stats - open your front door and walk outside of it and see with your own eyes whats going on round you

    thats just my view on stats - what yall gotta say bout them????