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    The fact I speak about those things that have Black people in mental bondage, is because I love Afrika and Black People and it is because I know whom we are and no matter what you might believe about me that is of a make believe of unpleasantries, you are not qualified to affect my Love for you and again, that which I share with you, Demand that you use your Divine Mind to understand that which I present to you, and because I know to what extent the Black Divine Mind has been placed under arrest, by the Human Being Mind, I inform you to let you know that what I share with you come not with any selfish expectation from you, which is why I let you know that which I share with you can be either Accepted or Rejected, because with the Mind we now operate under, what you believe about that which I share with you does not affect me,just yourself.

    Now that I have said that to you, allow me to deal with two terms that has been made to be describe by the Human Being of the different state of Mind thoughts we have been conditioned to identify, as related to our Attitude and Behavior, which describe how we are Thinking ( feeling ) at various Time of our Life experiences, so we have been conditioned to relate to, react to, to accept, and to deny, all Body action being under the authority of the Mind process, we being told that there is a consequence we are to expect to experience from expressing those two Body expressions, the Human Being has condition us to identify as Love and Hate.

    The very foundation upon which those two terms of expression which reveal how we are Thinking, ( Feeling ) they rest upon the foundation we have been brain conditioned to receive as Religion, which is no more than an institution of ideas and belief generated by the Thoughts of a people referring to themselves as Human Beings, they being the creator of Religious Belief, presented in the form of a Doctrine claiming such a Doctrine to be that of the word of God, and I say that there has not been no greater Lie ever told by the Human Being than that, and what make it to be the greatest Lie of all Lies, is the fact such is the Lie that now control the Spirit of the World, it being now the servants of the Human Being Religious Doctrine, in the name of Religion.

    What is Love, where did the term expression come from, well it came from the Human Being and it is the center piece of the Human Being Religions everywhere, and now control most all mental persuasions about God, Universe, and Life action.

    The term Love is given its definition, and classification, and is placed in a specific category by the Human Being and now the world when talking about that Thought that cause a certain quality of attitude and Behavior, which we have been condition to respond to in a Meek and respectful,Trusting, Humble, Submissive and Desirous Body action, ( Emotion ) reflecting the Thought process of the Mind, which has been conditioned how we are to express such Mental percepts and Concepts in a physical way, labeling such Body action as being the Spirit of Love, and if expressed at all Time, regardless of the circumstance and events that has come to affect our Life or in what condition they have caused our Life to experience, we should show Love at that Time and when we do, then there is a reward waiting for us in Heaven with God and His Son, Jesus, He who has been made to represent the Symbol of that Mind Thought referred to as Love, as presented by the Body Action referred to as an Attitude and Behavior in the action ( Spirit ) of Love of the Human Beings, they being the characterization of Love, it fitting the category created by the Human Being with a mind thought that can bring Joy and Death to the Life of those that follow the religious Doctrine of Love.

    So Far, the Religious Doctrine of Love has brought nothing but Life Misery to the Black World as we follow the instruction of the Human Being, as laid out in their Religious Doctrine.

    Now, allow me to deal with the antithesis to Love, which is Hate, it too, being a creation of identified expression by the Human Beings, you know, those people that have confessed to you that they have been born to Lie to you and instill within you a Deceiving Mind.

    Hate is the direct opposite of Mind thought to Love and it has by the Human Being been made to be the villain to Love, the Devil Mind - Set, so say the Devil themselves in the form of the Human Being.

    We are taught by that same religious Doctrine that to Hate is not Normal and such is an expression of Evil and will cause you to go to the Religious Taught Hell, and there you will suffer punishment so intense that your Mind can not imagine and it will last forever, ( Fear Factor ) implying that Time does not exist in the punishment that Hell bring to your life, mind you now, just as Love, Hate is no more than a mental expression about something that the Mind does not agree with or is in envy of and despise that you might have what it does not have but want, all being motivated by the way a Society has so construct the environment to be, and reflect, because in the final Reality, on the Anthropomorphous Level, we all are what we Think, which mean, all that we do must pass through that process.

    Hate is no more than a mind expressed Thought and it is put into action displaying a Body attitude and Behavior of Love and/or Disapproval in the action of Love, just as love express approval, they each are in keeping with the Universal Law of Opposite and it does not mean that one must be describe as being Good and Evil, because Hate can be used in the defense of Love and that is a Reasonable Thing to do, when you are utilizing such a thought process without the influence of the Human Being Religion, but is allowing your Thought process be based on expressing the attitude and Behavior based on a Mental Status of Acceptance and Nonacceptance and such a Mind Thought being expressed by the Body attitude and Behavior is based on the protection of the body Life and not some Fantasy of the Soul Life going to "Heaven" with an option of going to "Hell", each being a creation of the Human Being and it to be used as a Religious Concept.

    The Terms of Love and Hate during the Time of our Ancient First Way Ancestors were not in usage as a Mind expression, a mind used to signify that which is Divine and that which is in Disharmony, such a Mind expression was in fact based on the expression of action revealed by our Spirit, a Mind Body expression of Thought in action, reflecting our Attitude and Behavior, which is govern by our Mind Thought Process, and all that were of no Divine Quality, were in fact Unacceptable to the Dynamic Action of all that consist of the Universe, because if the quality of Thought Body expressed action, is unacceptable to the Divine Life Living, then it become a threat to that Life Living action, and it become unacceptable.

    Any and all action which is taken to protect the Divine Life is acceptable, if not, then such is unacceptable action, a mentality that is under the control of the Human Being, they who determine what is Love and Hate.

    All nonacceptable action that harm the Body Life is qualified to be Hated, which is no more than a act of rejection on the Higher Divine Mind Order of action and there is no expectation of a God Award to be given by God to you, based on how you react and act to Life situations, because all awards are earned by the way we Live our Life in the Physical Universe and not the Ethereal Universe and it is there which is the Domain of The Essence where God is Present, a presence that cover both Dimension, one whose Attribute is within Its own Presence of Action, it being the Eternal Infinite Perfect Night, the Ethereal Divine Reality and the other is on the Divine Energy Physical Dimensional level, where the Light of deception about that which is Real and not Real play its roll in confusing those who now are a prisoner of the Human Being mind, being forbidden to Think.

    The Black World will continue to act as foolish people until we learn to Hate Evil, then will you become motivated to do the Divine Thing necessary to reclaim your Divine Mind and to save your black Life!!!

    Beloved, in the confine of the physical Universe, it is acceptable to " Love And Hate ", such is the order of Life, so that the balance may be maintain between that which is Divine and that which is Humanly Evil.

    Let Those Who are Wise Among Us Understand The Knowledge Shared With You.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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