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    Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Below are excerpts from both of my Books, Lies About God And My God The

    Every True Afrikan spiritualist and Afrikan Nationalist should have a copy
    of each of these Books in your possession.

    Not that you approve of their content but the fact that A Afrikan has spoken
    with the Pen about a subject matter, until now, has been left up to the
    creators of a God that hear and Speak.

    The Author take the the religious belief and imitate the the form and
    process in the Book, My God The Creator, a master piece of First and second
    person conversation, in the name of God and servant Osiris, such is the
    technique used in the religious bible dramatization of God.

    In My God The Creator, it is shown how its done in implying that God talk
    and expect things of us.

    My God the Creator is a master piece of literary conversation with God, but
    not God.

    Also, the most feared of these Two books are, Lies About God, it is a book
    that go straight for the religious juggler, exposing the Lies and Deceit as
    portrayed by a make believe character by the name of Jesus, who came by way
    of virgin birth and so claim to be the Son Of god, Exoterically as well as

    Lies About god, denounce the Jesus figure as a Hoax and spare nothing in
    revealing the Lies now worshipped and praised in the Name of Jesus.

    All who see the book cover of Lies About God, begin to tremble with Fear
    mixed with anger, all because An Afrikan has had the ordain wisdom and
    courage to oppose a two thousand year old Lie and not back away from stating

    Lies About God, is ignored by the main Book stores and others, as well as
    the main stream media.

    The Two books, Lies About god and My God The Creator Is On The same Level of
    mastery as is The De Vinci code by Dan Brown, but more direct in calling a
    Lie a Lie about God, Yet Afrikan People shy away from, Lies About god and My
    God the Creator, not realizing the Truth they Contain is capable of saving
    the Afrikan soul, or is it that it is The Truth we Afrikan Fear, when it is
    about God, Universe and Being.

    so, those of you who would like to purchase copies of two books that is
    destined to become the most controversial Books ever written about God by an
    Afrikan, you may do so by contacting:

    goddess Isis at [email protected], or [email protected] and
    of course at [email protected]

    Loving you

    Excerpts Of

    Lies About God

    Topic Good and Evil, Right And Wrong

    So much has been said about Good and Evil and Right and Wrong

    Many Lies have been told about what happens to you when you do good and
    righteous things, as oppose to Evil and Unrighteous things.

    Lies are told about when you do good and righteous things, you will go to
    Heaven and if you are Evil and unrighteous you will go to hell.

    Good and right has to do with how you behave in regard to the laws that
    govern society.

    It is your responsibility to develop moral values that will put you in
    Harmony with the forces of the Universe.

    You have a responsibility to yourself to develop peace and Harmony between
    the mind, Spirit and Soul.

    To do so will protect you from the disease which attack the body and cause
    discomfort, pain and eventually death.

    To do good and to be Righteous does not preserve you a place in "Heaven" or
    guarantee you "Eternal Life", such are the Lies that was created by Man in
    the name of God, through the Church.

    The reward you get for being morally strong and respectful to your body, is
    peace of mind and a calm and joyful Spirit, which adds up to you having a
    long healthy life.

    If you are told that you should look for something other than that, such
    become misleading and deceitful.

    Evil, Unrighteous and doing things that is destructive to the body is what
    we say to be wrong.

    We are told that such a behavior will cause God to send you to Hell, all
    Lies that is what they are.

    But such a behavior will cause discomfort to the body and disharmony
    between the Mind and Body, with the end result being Death.

    Such is the reward you reap from living an Evil and Unrighteous Life.

    Man create laws in hope of dictating a certain Moral standard for Society to
    obey and those laws are no more than the opinion of Man, based upon how Man
    perceive things should be and function in Society.

    Good, Evil and Right and Wrong do not equal to Heaven or Hell but rather
    Life, peace and happiness or Death which applies only in the earthly realm.
    Lies about God.

    Excerpts Of

    My God the Creator

    Topic What God Require Of you

    Osiris spoke unto God and said, oh Father of the Universe , tell me, what is
    it that you require of me in order for me to receive consideration from

    Some religions teach that in order for me to be able to receive the blessing
    of Eternal Life I must first deny myself of the natural urges of the body
    and be willing to accept the discomfort of my Life and obey what thou has
    commanded of me to do.

    I must become submissive unto you and be ready to do what ever you will have
    me to do.

    Osiris spoke again unto God and said, so tell me oh God, are these
    instructions True and should I have such expectation for my Life from thee?

    God spoke unto Osiris and said, your Life is God gift to you and the choices
    you make for your Life, is entirely yours to make.

    God neither command or demand anything from that which It has created.

    God need not that which It has created to worship God, in order to verify
    Its authority and Power over all that It has created and God said, when the
    Universe is no more,( in transition ) God will always be.

    God spoke to Osiris and said, I gave you Life as a gift and my gift to you
    is without conditions, your Life is yours to live as you so choose, but says
    God to Osiris, God does not have expectation of you, yet you should desire
    to learn about the mysteries of those Beings throughout the Universe and in
    doing so, you will get to know the reality and purpose of their Life and in
    so knowing, will you gain wisdom to understand your reason for Being and
    your Life purpose.

    God said, that which God has just spoken, God love for you and all it has
    created, is beyond measure, but seek you the answer to the mysteries of
    Life, Universe and God and from such discovery will you become qualified to
    understand the essence of all things and in doing so, therein lies the Glory
    of God.

    God spoke unto Osiris and said hear God, for all that you need to know, God
    has just spoken unto you and God told Osiris to go and teach those who
    hunger after knowledge, for in such is the power that will extend your Life.

    God called unto Osiris and said, be not concerned of how you are to serve
    God but be concern of how you are to be in your Life and what your
    expectation is from your Life, for such concern is the most important of

    God said, to respect your Life is to comply with what God expect of your

    God called Osiris and said, listen and listen well to what I am about to
    tell you and learn from what you hear in hope that you will get to know the
    meaning of what God is saying to you and from such knowledge may you become
    wise enough to understand.

    God said, to worship and serve God is to learn about the mystery of the
    Universe and Life and from such knowledge will you develop respect for your
    Life and the Universe and from such respect do you show honor and love for
    your Life and the Universe and in doing so, God is served and glorified.

    Contact: [email protected], for information concerning these

    1. Lies About god

    2. My God the Creator

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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