Black Poetry : lientenat lost in time stuff ran arcross his mine he was ligering in the cloud airctaft singering loud but he could'nt hear that he soon landed at the

now the air patrol arrived.
this is no bold jive.
" HE SAID: what are you doing clown.
why are you screwing around?
landing an antique aircraft
on the runway? you look distinguish
do you speak ENGLISH?
yes, he's BRITISH, are you AMERICAN?
can't you see this is an AMERICAN BASE?
but all this yall so advance
would love to have a chance.
to rap to a chick
to rap to a chick better come with me.
they hopped in a jeep.
as the pilot peeped
at the scenery into his deep
future, he rap strong.
but gonna need a chaperon.
somebody here to see you sir.
oh, the chief blood started to stir.
HE SAID: why are you dressed like that.
he's impressed with his hat.
from the year 1917 let's chat
this is my uniform.


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