Black Poetry : LIBERTY OR DEATH!!! { Prelude to a Revolution }

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    Service to God/Allah/ Amun Ra in tha Maintenance &
    In tha Northwest Corner of “Turtle Island”
    This PEACE iz Dedicated to tha Memory of Nathaniel Jones, Timothy Thomas,
    Arthur McDuffie, Amadou Diallo, Tyisha Miller, Kindra James & Countless Unnamed—
    *Melanite* Men & Women Murdered by Police Brutality & tha False Government that Perpetuates it....
    A Big *Prayer* goes out to tha Blind Deaf & Dumb American Military Soldiers…
    Serving & Dying in Foreign Lands on Foreign Shores—
    Fighting AmeriKKKaz' Unjust Wars…

    ... & as the Death Toll Mounts...

    We Pray for their Souls & a Peaceful Resolution…

    Come Home…


    LIBERTY OR DEATH !!! — {From Gangstaz to Revolutionaries}

    My Fellow Afrikhanz & AmeriKanz of Every Hue
    The Presidential Election of 2000 was a Coup…
    Your Government Is Not Of tha People—
    For tha People— Or By tha People— For True…
    This Administration has “Bushwhacked” You!

    Criminal Corporate Cannibals Consume your Flesh…
    While you Parrot Blind Allegiance
    & As you Dance to tha Rhythm of their "Patriot Act"—
    Feeling Secure & Full of Joy & Play...
    All the Small Freedoms of your "Homeland Security"—
    Have been Stripped Away...

    Don’t be Dismayed—
    it aint tha first time you’ve been Played…
    From tha Get Go—
    A Gangsta Mutation
    of European Origination
    Used this Land as a Penal Colony
    & a Base of Operation...

    They Ravaged & Raged
    Crushed & Slaughtered—
    For tha Fire & Desire of their own Way
    Inevitably these Convicts Rejected their British Empire—
    & Fought to Become the Good Ole’ USA...

    Taking their Independence—
    They made a Declaration
    & Formed their own Syndication

    Armed Robbery, Extortion, Exploitation—
    KidnappN & Murder waz their Occupation …

    Entire Native Indian Nations
    Were Eliminated—Exterminated...
    Generations were Drowned in Alcohol—
    While AmeriKKKa Wrapped Precious lil’ Red Babies
    in Warm Fuzzy Small Pox Infected Blankets...

    Lead & Steel Peeled their Capz—
    & the Matter in their Domes
    Spattered Across Blue Spacious Skies
    Upon Amber Waves of Grain...

    Deceived- Betrayed
    & Made Blind Deaf & Dumb
    Till Everybody waz Dead
    Or on Government Reservations—
    Concentration Camps...

    Then came the Extorted Labor
    of Aboriginal Afrikhan People—
    Kidnapped - Chained
    Lashed, Raped,
    Brutalized & Enslaved
    Castrated, Mutilated
    Tortured & Murdered
    Divided, Scattered
    Turned Wretched
    & Sorrowful
    As AmeriKKKa grew Rich and Powerful...

    While Claiming in tha Name of Civilization—
    Their Right to Bring this Desolation....

    Genocide is the Foundation
    of this Gangster Nation!

    500 Years
    of Blood, Sweat, Death & Tears...

    & They
    Yet Say~

    “But that waz Yesterday
    We don’t have to Pay
    For Past Atrocities
    or Injuries
    Just Enjoy this Technology
    AmeriKKKaz Liberty”...

    Oh Yeah!?

    Well FuKk You!!!

    Lives N tha Millions
    & Wealth N tha Trillons
    Were Stolen by AmeriKKKan Devastation...
    & for KidnappN & Murder—
    There is no Statute of Limitation!

    Teeming Masses!
    Oppressed Classes!

    Thugz & Thugettz!
    Ballers & Shot Callers!

    Lend me yo Ear...

    I'd Rather take a Bullet in tha Head
    than see my Children Unfed
    Did You Hear What I Said!

    U can Call it a Crime—
    But I’m Gonna Feed Mine ...

    FukK these Frontline Soldierz, Serial KillN—Baby Murdering PoPo’z!!
    Betta to Live & Die a Man— than Bow to Tyrants— & Lose yo Souls...

    You have the Right to Remain Silent,
    Anything you Say
    Can & Will be used Against You
    In a Court of Outlaws...

    So Close yo FuKkN Mouth!!!

    Tha Rules of the Game have Changed—
    But— It’s Still Open Season on yo Black Asz!
    Tighten yo Hustle & Sharpen yo Brain!

    Bang yo Gang—
    Against ‘Stolen’ Red White & Blue!
    The Beef We Got—
    Iz with tha ‘United Snakes’ Krew!

    Step back & take a Look…
    Just Who is Watching You?
    Watch them Byaatches Too!

    Scan tha Internet — Open a Book
    Get to Know Yo Government Crook...

    Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rice & Powell—
    Perpetrators of A Coup d'état — Treasonous & Foul!!

    AmeriKaz Peepz are Viciously Raped—
    by Taxation without Representation...

    The Innocent Die Daily—
    as Cruelty & Oppression Extorts this Nation …

    & PEACE is Gangland Murdered—
    Savagely Executed by Greedy Corporations...

    In tha Name Of God
    This ‘KREW’ is a Fraud!

    They have No Authority—
    Jez Brutal Police to Serve & Protect Tyranny!

    But they will Never— Never!— take Our Dignity
    Our Legacy— Our Destiny!

    WE Will give Our Children the Opportunity—
    to Live Truly Free!! …

    I Am Not yo Slave
    I Will Battle Yo Asz to da Grave...

    Revolution iz tha Solution!!

    Madd Militant Mama's are CleanN & ChangiN ya Babies
    NurseN Yo Health— As We Labor in yo Industries
    & as We WashN Yo Clothez...
    We got "Spookz" SittiN by yo Doorz...

    We have Integrated—
    Assimilated & Infiltrated
    Ya Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines
    Paranoia becomes You—
    Even in yo Dreams
    WE Will be Executing Freedom Schemes!

    Hip Hop
    Stop a Dirty Cop!

    Hip Hop—
    Dropped a Block on yo Plot…

    ‘Flipped’ Yo Young
    To One of Us Son—
    From a Trigger Man
    To a ‘Whigger’
    A Wanna Be NiGha Man
    Go Figure…!?

    By Any Meanz Necessary...
    WE Will Be Free!

    Give Us Our Cheddar
    Break Off Our Bread—
    Or as Sure as David Slew Goliath…
    We Gonna Have Yo Mutha FuKkN Head!!

    & Unto All You
    Fake Flag WaviN
    Back StabbN
    Pink DikK SuckN
    House NiGhaz! —

    Don’t Get Caught on tha Wrong Side of History
    Cuz What happenz to You— Is No Mystery…

    Like tha Judas of Jesus—
    You Will Hang Yo God Damned Self...

    The Struggle Continues and the Battle Rages...

    Another Day in Terror Town

    Will tha Real Criminals—

    Please Lay Down!

    Copy Written 2003 @ Mawelulu Onwuku Amun-Ra
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    nice write....
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    BUSINESS owner
    this was the bomb u scribe a masterpiece her
    flow on and speak mo !!
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    Service to God/Allah/ Amun Ra in tha Maintenance &
    In tha Northwest Corner of “Turtle Island”

    I so sorry dis Piece posted twice I tried to edit & delete & still ended up with 2 postings